Healthcare Practices That Cause Conflict

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MHA 614: Policy Formation & Leadership in Health Organizations

Healthcare Practices that Cause Conflict

Instructor: Ona Johnson

February 6, 2012

Healthcare Practices

The healthcare organization has many layers of business. When one enters the hospital they are focused on how they are going to get well, and not what business plans are being made. In most businesses there are sales and marketing; this proves to be the same for any healthcare organizations. As a result there are many influences on the healthcare market, causing professional conflict for healthcare practices. It sounds complex, but is considered the norm in the healthcare arena. The problem with the marketing influences is it takes away from the seriousness of patients’ health. Each pharmaceutical company, medical equipment company, or the supply companies are working hard to promote their new products. Their marketing tactics does not always involve the reactions or needs of the patients. The goal is to make the healthcare facilities and their physicians think their product is the best for their organization or patients. Three healthcare practices that create conflict are gifts (including meals), provision of pharmaceutical samples, and grants for research projects (Harrington & Estes, 2008). The three listed practices were chosen due to the high volume of usage. They are the ones that you most frequently notice being used. At times these practices have been known to cross the line when it comes to the patients’ wellbeing. It is viewed as sacrificing the patient’s health for a dollar. Giving gifts (including meals) is a way the particular promoting organizations work to manipulate the different healthcare organizations and physicians. This is done when the

healthcare organization is given lunches, pens, tablets, highlighters, and bags for promoting a…...

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