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Healing Art
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Healing Art
Splashes of Hope is a growing company that creates therapeutic art and alternative methods in healing. The artists at Splashes of Hope provide inspiration and hope to patients who otherwise would be viewing a blank wall while receiving chemotherapy. The custom-made murals are a therapeutic distraction technique in pain management in a healthcare setting. The artwork installation on entrance doors and in elevators lobbies also welcomes patients.
Splashes of Hope is blossoming and growing into an international organization. They receive requests for custom artwork and prints to be installed from facilities throughout the United States and the world. Splashes of Hope is doing research to find a country to expand their business and manufacturing process. Expansion in a country high in creativity and manufacturing skills is the next stage. The human resources department views Japan as a leading country of choice for the globalization of Splashes of Hope therapeutic art division. Japan has a long history of adopting of imported ideas (Japan painting, 1994). They established a copying process ranging from emulation to synthesis (Japan painting, 1994). The majority of the labor force would consist of routine intensive labor. Evaluation and understanding of communication practices and cultural differences between the United States and Japan will insure success in expanding the business in Japan.
Language and Communication Differences
The official language of Japan is Japanese. Despite of the importance Japan culture within the global economy, comparatively few Americans speak the language. The Japanese language has no true ties to any other linguistic family. In addition, Japanese writing is significantly more complex than the writing of…...

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