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App Holster LLC [Name of Student]
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Part Three
Based on your historical financial analysis, summarize your organization financial performance over past 3 years
The financial performance of App Holster LLC is worst as compared to its competitor i.e. Digitilus LLC. The annual profit of App Holster LLC is $50,000, whereas, its annual profit increases over the time of three years as, $87,000 in 2014, and $240,000 in 2015. On the other hand the annual profit of Digitilus LLC is $ 340,000, which is 85% of App Holster LLC in 2013, and 74% and 29% greater than the profit of App Holster LLC. (App-Holster-LLC, Online). App Holster operates with the total capacity of employee which are 3 from 2013 to 2014, and increased to 6 in 2015 respectively, whereas as Digitilus LLC operates with the lesser number of employees i.e. 5. According to the revenue of App Holster, it is managalbe for the company to remain profitable with the current number of employee which includes outsource workforce too. The revenue per employee of App Holster LLC is $ 8,333, which is increasing by 57% in 2014, and by 73% in 2015. In 2013 the revenue per employee of App Holster LLC is 82% lower than the Digitilus LLC, improving by 57% lower in 2014 and further improved by 41% in 2015. The revenue per employee of Digitilus LLC is $68,000. To put this in perspective, a typical company in the United States brings in $57,500 per employee, suggesting that companies in this industry generate more revenue per employee on average.

Based on your analysis, what are the financial strength and weakness of your organization today?
The financial strength of the App Holster is their innovative application for the smartphones, this innovation can boost the sales of their application which will have direct impact over App Holster financial stability and…...

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