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Nuclear Disaster Planning Presentation I. U.S. Nuclear power plants

A. Nuclear power plant purposes 1. Nuclear power plant history

B. Emergency preparedness and response

1. Radiation protection 2. Fire protection 3. Natural disasters 4. Hazardous spills


A. National Command Structure 1. Office of the Administrator 2. FEMA components, offices, and regions

B. Radiological Emergency Preparedness Program 1. Health and safety of citizens 2. Public access to radiological emergency preparedness

C. Three Mile Island Nuclear Plant accident 1. Lead to new technologies to enhance disaster preparedness

III. Nuclear Disaster Plans

A. Strengths of plans 1. Testing of radioactive levels

B. Weakness of plans 1. Radioactive material reaching the public

IV. U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission

A. Function and structure 1. Regulation of nuclear materials 2. Reactor safety 3. The commission board

B. Budget 1. Strategic planning 2. Performance and accountability report

V. Compare and contrast various technologies impacting communication. A. Short message services (SMS) 1. Cell phones and text messaging reach the population on the go 2. Internet, television, sirens, and radios reaches millions. B. Survival of communicating systems 1. Up to date systems 2. Practice the use of the system VI. Describe efficient and effective uses of technology for enhancing communications.

A. Satellite phones 1. Critical operations personnel maintain contact 2. Short term telephone back- up

B. Infrared and Microwave technology 1. Inter-connect two buildings together during a disaster 2. Alternative communication can be pricey


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