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Abstract The research aims to understand the great human values expressed through works of short story "Love of Life"by Jack London - a major authors of modern literature. Through the research process, we not only found a deep insight of life of Jack lonlon toward life and people, but also discovered the harsh struggle, to find the intense human value Hidden deep within the noble work.

I. Introduction
1.1. Reason for study With this work , we have the opportunity to explore the short story genre with detailed castings, large capacity and style have many implications, giving depth of work that hard to say. Not everyone has experienced the brink of life and death so this research is the logical choice

1.2. Purpose and aim of study The purpose of this research was to understand profoundly the meaning of life , Survival battle between man and wolf in the love life is intense, but it appears much simpler than the struggle that find out yourself, just how to get rid of social ties Unfortunately, that was re-created by human. The truth value of the first affordable life is the truth value of each individual life? Go find it, as we seek answers to these questions: Who are we? Where do we come from? Where will we go ? to uncover the nature world around him, and discovered a conflict can not be overcome, a conflict can not be explained by the management and victory his philosophical theories. Death is the only salvation. There is even a despicable other world to this? Jack London has made me pessimistic, lost faith in that society, open up an opportunity to be optimistic, to believe in ourself. Only believe in ourself - perhaps this is selfish and extremist, but certainly it gives us a significant advantage in our life.

1.3. Research scope This assignment refers only to the struggle for survival battle between the harsh natural environment and the human .

1.4. Research questions How was the author's attitude when describing the protagonist ? How was the nature described in this work ? How was the body and soul of the main character described in this work ?

II. Research facilities
2.1 Historical background On July 12, 1897, London (age 21) and his sister's husband Captain Shepard sailed to join the Klondike Gold Rush. This was the setting for some of his first successful stories . And this work , “love of life” , have been written since then .

2.2. Literature trend American literature during this period is very diverse styles, from naturalism style to Transcendentalism or Gothic Romance or elements of Southwestern humor or individualism …

3. Some features about London's life and literature career
3.1 Jack Lodon biography Jack London( 1876 - 1916), full name was John Griffith London, he was born in San Francisco, California,in the family of an impoverished farmer. He is the praiser of strong willed people. After completing grammar school, London worked at various jobs to help support his family. In 1897 and 1898, London, like many other American and Canadian men, went north to Alaska and the Klondike region of Canada to search for gold. This was the Alaska Gold Rush. Although London never found any gold, his experience in the extreme environment of this cold part of the world gave him ideas for the stories he would write when he decided to return to California.

3.2 Jack London literature carreer Like Stephen Crane, Jack London followed socialism realism style, in which a story's actions and events are caused mainly by man's internal biological needs, or by the external forces of nature and the environment. Many of his stories, including his masterpiece The Call of the Wild (1903), deal with civilized man getting back in touch with his deep, animal instincts. "Love of Life" (1900) is one of Lodon's best short story.

Among London's most important books were People of the Abyss (1903), written about the poor people of London, England; The Sea Wolf (1904), a novel based on the author's experiences as a seal hunter; John Barleycorn (1913), an autobiographical novel about his struggle against alcoholism; and The Star Rover (1915), a collection of related stories dealing with reincarnation.

London wrote more than 50 books and enjoyed enormous international popularity as an author. His exciting, often violent and brutal writing style attracted readers from all over the world and his stories and novels were translated into many different languages.

III. Methods of study This sudy use collecting method, analysing available documentories in books and internet. This assignment has applied synthetic, analysis , Assessed method that accompanied by some analysis of the contemporary historical.

IV. Findings
4. A look at life and human of Jack London Life is tough how many, the challenges are always lurking how resilient the people still fighting for life that much. Throughout history, man has always been an entity has the will and intense desire to live. Regardless of where, at that time also did not change. The main character facing death, and he constantly struggles to regain life. "He moved toward the bundle over his left shoulder, to move down a weight fell on the ankle from injury. Then he slowly and carefully reach the shore, face grimacing in pain.
He did not stop. With a desperation like crazy, regardless of the pain, he hurried up the slope to take the hill, where the guy had gone dead, funny look longer than your hand set tenh, it excessively. But to the top, he saw an agricultural valley, empty of life. He again struggled with fear, beyond it, adding the move halfway around the wrap over the left shoulder and staggered to decline further. "With a wounded travel was difficult, yet he still tried to do not stop trying to walk, then before his eyes when discovered life did not exist he continued to struggle with fear. "In fact, feelings and emotions have abandoned him. He no longer knows pain. Nervous stomach and he was asleep. However, he still lives in the end he committed to. "When there is no sense of everything around them is the survival instinct of human remains. People will win because people have the instinct, and instinct that has guided all. Jack London was aware of it, and vividly described in the "love of life".

4.1. Survival battle. Meaningful story can focus through the struggle of the sick and hungry wolves. Both are facing death either not enough to eat each other. Wolf deliberately weak to follow their prey to wait and he collapsed to eat chicken, then place can also be found to have the opportunity to live.

4.3 Humanistic value of the work: People can be a real tenacity and strong desire to live. Writer Jack London discovered the truth about man and that he would like to cherish it. Survival struggle between man and wolf in the novel "Love of Life" with the Joneses but perhaps also simpler than the struggle to understand himself, to break out how many bound conservative society. Remove the conflicts can not be resolved, Jack London pointed out that people can only rely on yourself. It is evident that he highly values the individual in society. Discovery of Jack London in particular this time however it selfish, but it creates extreme strength and a solid prop for us in life.

4.4 Restriction of the author. Perhaps the authors note in describing the interior and natural surroundings, so sometimes the work was boring for the reader. At the same time every sentence ends too fast while the meaning of the sentences do not enough. He not only saw the power of individuals but also knowing that the collective power of much larger. Why does the main character does not travel with his friend, Bil. Know where the journey will be much faster to the enemy. It is not only limited but also is the author of the human limitation in this period

V. Conclusion London did not belong to the category of romantic writers, who portrayed the difficulties of struggle in rose colors, thus deceiving and disarming a reader in the face of serious trials of life. “Love of Life” have been promoting the will of people while standing in the brink of life and death.Body and soul are destroyed in the glorious scenery of natural beauty.This reinforces the magnificence of the work,so that the value of human life are increased. Stories, novels and narratives of this outstanding American writer are the immortal witnesses of Jack London's peculiar, unique talent and of his courageous depictions of reality

Jack London, pp.7-15 (1946), love of life and other stories, introduction by George Orwell, London…...

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