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Hefty Hardware’s is planning to accomplish their new project Savvy Store Program. This has shown conflict in viewpoints between IT Department and Business side Of Hefty Hardware. Considering the case study of Hefty Hardware, I identified certain communication issues between the IT and Business departments. They do not appear as if they exist together. Rather, they exist as two different cases. Business and IT targets are not intentionally balanced despite of the selective principles towards IT effect more on business. Breaking down the situations, it appears to be lack of energetic participation of IT conflict in the framework change of Savvy Store program. In my view, IT forms a major component of today’s progressive world. The role of IT department in a business environment is to provide technological support to the whole organization wherever needed. IT department also keeps an eye on new tools and software which may enhance the efficiency of the organization. In addition, whenever the company faces technological issues then IT department is responsible to solve the problems. Both Business and IT has many identified and unidentified shortcomings. Initially, staff in IT office seems to have nonappearance of adapting on how the affiliation functions are going on. The scope that the other IT selection goes, the establishment of IT framework in the affiliation simply pivots around making efficient and genuine IT structure to give a successful stage to business performance. The usual accord in the affiliation is that IT doesn’t assist clearly to business goals and simply go about as support for business framework planning. To resolve these issues, a team work should be established between IT and business to ensure a strong relationship for both to represent their excellence. Identifying an issue under these circumstances is typically very hard due to no proper…...

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