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My guitar foot rest is a multipurpose foot rest which is one of a kind. I believe Treble Cleft Musical Instrument Co will not hesitate to choose it. Here are some of the reasons why my foot rest is perfect for the music department.
The foot rest has a heel of 75mm and an adjustable toe of 140mm and 170mm. it slopes upwards heel to toe. The foot rest can be folded to a box but is still easy to store. It is stable and can survive in a high school environment. If there are ever any problems with it then repairing and rebuilding is not a problem because of the simplicity of this product.
Problems and possibilities:
Test and evaluate:
I am very happy with the final product and how it turned out because I expected my product not to work out and meet any requirements. The product took me lots of time because I kept changing my ideas. This is one of the reasons I had a late start as I did not have a specific idea.
The two biggest problems I dealt with during the creation of this foot rest are:
I couldn’t find the right idea for myself until I went into building the structure with an idea that changed in the designing process. As I was checking the height of the structure with a piece of the foam bored, I realized if this piece of foam is built inside the foot rest it would able to hold up the top and meet the required height. This encouraged me to erase all of the old ideas and built the structure with the new idea.
Another problem that was encountered was that I did not know how to cut properly. Whenever I would cut the foam board it would not end up as clean as I want it to be. All the sides and edges had a very rough finish which had to be sanded down to be fixed. The sanding partly fixed it. I also used other parts to hide these rough finishes.
If I were to do this again I would think of one idea and stick to it to get an early start. I would also…...

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