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Guide Questions and Sensory Evaluation

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| |Tuba |Basi |Tapuy |Lambanog |
|Dhadi | | | | |
|Butch |Looks like dirty water, |Brownish yellow, has legs, |Clear, dirty water |Blue, appealing color |
| |yellowish |cloudy | | |
|Dave | | | | |
|Justin | | | | |
|Vince | | | | |


| |Tuba |Basi |Tapuy |Lambanog |
|Dhadi | | | | |
|Butch |Strong fermented smell |Sweetness (sugar) may be |Amoy bagoong, doesn’t smell|Smells sweet, like |
| | |perceived, smells like a |good |bubblegum |
| | |brown spirit | | |
|Dave | | | |…...

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