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Mercedes Benz AMG
Mercedes Benz is an amazing car brand with great horse power and a beautiful look. The brand offers different styles of cars from Sedans to SUVS and sports cars. One of the nicer versions is the C63 AMG. Three important aspects of the car are the Engine, the Transmission, and the LED headlights. This essay will explain the features of each and why the features make the AMG a great car.
The Engine of the AMG is very important for the car’s function and drive. The 4.0-liter V-8 biturbo engine of the AMG is the first sports car engine in the world which has the turbos inside the V of the engine. (AMG Driving Performance , 2015). It also has dry sump lubrication, which is “a lubricating motor oil management method for four-stroke and large two-stroke piston internal combustion engines that uses additional pumps and a secondary reservoir for oil—as compared to a conventional wet sump system, which uses only the main sump below the engine and a single pump.” (Dry Sump , 2015). This makes the engine more efficient because of the prevention oil-starvation at high g loads, and because their lower center of gravity positively affects performance. (Dry Sump , 2015). The head of engine design at AMG stated: “With the new AMG 4.0-litre V8 biturbo engine, we present a fascinating and powerful sports car engine, which also achieves the next step in efficiency due to numerous measures.” (Mercedes Benz, 2014). The advantages of the engine are that the eight-cylinder engine has more compact dimensions, which allow the low installation position as well as optimum weight distribution between the front and rear axles. (Mercedes Benz, 2014). This means that the engine responds faster to the maneuvers of the driver creating an immediate and direct response. (Mercedes Benz, 2014).
The AMG transmission is very important to the car as well. The transmission the AMG utilizes is the Speedshift MCT 7. This transmission uses a multi-plate wet clutch, which means that the transmission contains several clutches stacked on top of one another, which operate as one unit. (PRITCHARD, 2015) The clutches float in an oil bath for cooling and durability purposes. The clutch is also operated by a computer and not the driver so the driver does not have to press a clutch pedal making their job easier. (PRITCHARD, 2015). The SpeedShift transmission is basically a hybrid setup with components of both a manual and automatic making it more efficient as it does not waste energy. (PRITCHARD, 2015). The energy is usually wasted in the transmission through the ineffective torque converter which has to drive fluid through its components, but because of the hybrid or manual and automatic this fluid does not have to go through all of the components, thus saving energy. (PRITCHARD, 2015). This way the driver has a faster more precise response to inputs on the throttle right from the starting time. Fully automatic operation is available which is great for drivers who want that option... Further, “gears change in eye-blink speeds, and the Race Start function pre-revs the engine and quickly engages the clutch to blast the vehicle off of the line in quick order.” (PRITCHARD, 2015).
The AMG also has very impressive LED headlights and Fiberoptic LED taillights.”With longer life, quicker illumination and beams that approximate daylight even more closely than xenon headlamps, the new LED headlamps enhance both vision and visibility during nighttime driving.” (AMG Driving Performance , 2015). The AMG has Bright white LED Daytime Running Lamps, with all other front light functions integrated within the headlamp. This makes the design as appealing and illuminating. When you look at the headlights, it almost looks like the car is looking at you with its eyes. The AMG’s Taillamps feature a fiber-optic dual "torch" design and LED turns signals and brake lamps. (AMG Driving Performance , 2015). This means that the driver never has to change an incandescent or gas-discharge lamp again, not on the headlamps nor on the dipped beans, because the LED light sources have a lifetime of approximately 10,000 hours – a vehicle’s entire service life. The AMG’s headlights are also very energy efficient. “A standard LED headlamp in the new S-Class, for instance, reduces energy consumption by a whopping 72 percent compared with a conventional halogen lamp.” (The LED Intelligent Light System in the new S-Class., 2014). Further, LED technology is easier on the driver’s eyes, you do not constantly feel as you are blinding because the light emitted from the headlights is more similar to daylight versus just a bright flashlight or whatnot. . (The LED Intelligent Light System in the new S-Class., 2014). “Finally, the headlamps adapt automatically to suit the weather, lighting and driving conditions, thus further improving driving comfort and ensuring an optimal view in any situation.” (The LED Intelligent Light System in the new S-Class., 2014).
The Mercedes Benz AMG is a great vehicle. It has an engine with great horsepower, efficient, powerful and fast. The AMG also has a powerful transmission which lets the driver accelerate with ease, and distributes oil more evenly making the car easier to work with, as well has having a fully automatic capability mode, making driving fast and easy. Finally the AMG has LED head and taillights which make the car illuminated, saves energy, is easy on the driver’s eyes, and looks beautiful. Overall, the AMG is the car to drive.


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