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Critical Thinking: Advertisements
Yelena Prikhodko
ITT-Technical Institute
Foundational Strategies
Tim Trieu

Critical Thinking: Advertisements

Advertisement 1: Budweiser
This Budweiser Super Bowl commercial is one of my favorites. It is a continuation of a commercial run last year and depicts a small puppy that lives on a farm with his horse best friend. The puppy is young and curious, he wanders off into a truck, the door behind him closes and he is taken into the city. He is cold in the rain and lost. He wanders through the woods as his owner is searching high and wide for him. As the night gets darker and scarier, the puppy gets closer to home however he is surrounded by wolves. Unbeknownst to him, his best buddy, the horse has escaped the barn and is coming to his rescue with friends. The pup starts barking at the wolves but he is tiny. The horses arrive just in time to save him and he is reunited with his family. At the end of the commercial there is the Budweiser logo and the hashtag “ #bestbuds”. Every time I watch this ad I cry. It is just so cute, and as a dog owner pulls at my heart strings. As a human, it makes me connect with the puppy and his fear of being lost and lonely and his search for home. What draws me most to this advertisement is that there is no beer, this ad is not selling beer, it is selling the feeling that you want to have when you drink beer: family, love, friendship.
Throughout the commercial, the focus is on the puppy and the horse, their friendship and bond. How they yearn for each other when they are apart, and how they will go through hell or high water to get back to each other and keep each other safe. The whole time you are watching, you do not think this is about beer; rather you are just enthralled in the commercial and want to see how it ends. But this is not a commercial you can forget. I think…...

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