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Granville T. Woods Scholars Program Essay

I too was nearly prevented from advancing my career just as Granville T. Woods was. Not being able to accept my partial (65%) scholarship to Howard University did hinder me from my original plan but I chose not to give up. I chose to continue to work my way up in my education and career at BCCC instead of taking the simple way out by joining different groups such as the work force, or the military. My goal is to abide at this school for two years and to transfer to a 4 year university. The main component of my goal is the money, and this scholarship would help in achieving this.

My family is a normal Middle class family that makes normal middle class wages, and just like most middle class families we have debts that seem to never end. This is the reason why I could not attend Howard University. With the debts that my parents still have they chose to not add on anymore anymore stress by taking out more loans but to instead give me another option, Community College. Even though they have said they can pay for Community College I would prefer them not to have to deal with anymore hassle. Me receiving this scholarship would eliminate the worry of my parents paying for my education and would enable me to focus solely on doing well in school.

I am a graduate of Oxon Hill High school's science and technology program. This entails that I had to test to get into the school and if I was accepted I would be agreeing to a more difficult curriculum than a normal high school student. This programs goal is to give students a general education that puts more emphasis on the sciences. In order to graduate from this program one must go through four years of high school while undergoing the program's guidelines, which includes aspects such as four years of mathematics and science courses and a year long research project.…...

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