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California State University, Long Beach

Brotman Hall BH 101

Enrollment Services

(562) 985-5471

Graduation Semester

Request to Graduate Filing Deadlines


Preceding March 1


Preceding March 1


Preceding October 15


Preceding October 15

Commencement Ceremony/Diploma Fee: $45
Program Certificate Fee: $10
What must I do before I file to graduate?
1. Complete 90 semester units (can include work in progress)
2. Attempt the Writing Proficiency Exam (WPE). You must fulfill the Graduation Writing Assessment
Requirement to graduate
3. Meet with your adviser to review your plan to complete all remaining degree requirements on time
4. Review your Academic Requirements Report or unofficial transcript to verify that your degree objectives are correct. If an objective is missing, you must see your advisor prior to filing. For additional information, see Changing Degree Objectives
5. Check your Academic Requirements Report and see if there is a Timely Graduation Alert near the top of the report. If you have been identified as a Super Senior or Senior Plus student, you may be required to submit a Timely Graduation Appeal* when you file your Request to Graduate
6. Ensure your contact information is current in MyCSULB
What do I need to submit?
1. A completed “Request to Graduate” form.
2. Commencement Ceremony/Diploma Fee ($45). If submitting your request after the filing deadline noted above, you must include a $10 late filing fee.
3. A Timely Graduation Appeal, if required
Submit all required documentation to the Office of Enrollment Services, Brotman Hall 101.
*In compliance with CSULB’s Timely Graduation for Undergraduate Students policy, students may earn up to 120% of the number of units required for the degree in their declared primary major. Any additional…...

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