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“ The Goddess of Education” -SARASVATHI-

Sarasvathi is the person who brought me to this wonderful earth from her womb. She is my mother who had carried me along for almost nine months in her belly regardless where she goes or what she does. Her name itself carries a great meaning within it, which is “The Goddess of Education” in the Hinduism. For a woman who is 55 year old now, she has all the experiences needed by a normal human as she had gone through many stages in life which are commonly considered as hardship and difficulties by others.
It all started when she was a kid. At the age of five, her father passed away. Being the fifth child out of six children in her family, she did not realise the loss as she was only a small kid by then. Since then, her eldest brother was the source of income for the whole family while my grandmother spent her time working as ‘ayyahma’ preferablely known as maid in a military officer’s house. Her early education took place in the Residensi School which is now known as S.K. Jalan Residensi. She continued her secondary education in St. George’s Girls School. Unfortunately, she did not manage to finish her schooling. Instead, she started working at the age of 15. She entered the working world by starting off her work at the ‘Hewlett Packard’ Company.
As a young working lady, she began to realise the new side of the world and it was a real turnover in her life when she met her first love. In those days, love was forbidden especially in the Indian’s way of living which includes the beliefs and customs. So, my…...

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