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Assignment 2: Case Study

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Journal of Knowledge Management Practice, December 2005
Available online at:

Knowledge Sharing Practices In KM:

A Case Study In Indian Software Subsidiary

Sachin Bhirud1, Lewlyn Rodrigues1, Pradeep Desai2

Manipal Institute of Technology1, Philips Innovation Campus2

This study is concerned with the knowledge sharing practices in Knowledge Management (KM) for innovation. This paper investigates a wide range of functionalities under the purview of KM that supports different set of organizational activities. Knowledge sharing practices in the organization are also explored for the purpose of formalization and sharing best practices and experiences within the organization
1. Introduction
The main objective of KM is to manage organizational knowledge to create new knowledge. The new knowledge is created by combining existing knowledge pieces or by generation of novel concepts through knowledge sharing. The KM and innovation is linked by knowledge sharing as depicted in Figure 1.

1.1. Knowledge Management
Knowledge Management (Davenport & Prusak, 1998; Allee, 1997; Alavi and Leidner, 1999; Hsiangchu and Tsai-hsib, 2000) is the process of managing the organization’s knowledge by means of systematic and organizational specific processes for acquiring, organizing, sustaining, applying, sharing and renewing both tacit and explicit knowledge by employees to enhance the organizational performance and create value. The true value is created by fostering innovation in the organization. This indicates that there are two important aspects in KM. First, the organization must consider knowledge as a strategic asset. Second, capitalize on existing organizational knowledge to…...

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