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How to Prepare and Deliver an Oral Presentation

Project Description:
In the following outline the oral presentation is a clear, understandable presentation; well-organized, well-planned, and a well-timed discussion.

For the purpose of preparing and delivering an oral presentation follow and perform the following tasks: Step | Instructions | 1 | Start with a topic that has purpose. Decide the topic; will the topic be persuasive or informative. | 2 | Explain what the topic of your oral report is, who you are, and who the audience should imagine they are. Make sure that there is a clean break in between the explanation and the beginning of the actual oral report. | 3 | Give an overview of the reports contents, an introduction that keeps the interest of the audience. Stay organized. | 4 | Use (limited) visuals that are not too animated or distracting. Keep the visuals relevant to the topic. Use the 7X7 rule for the written content. | 5 | For the oral presentation keep the speaking style normal and with a consistent tone. Be sure that you are loud enough so that the report is heard clearly, do not speak too fast, and keep the tempo slow. Be aware not use words like "uh," "you know," and "okay." Avoid slang and text terminology. | 6 | End the report with a conclusion. Use a conclusion that can summarize and go back over the high points of what has been discussed. In the conclusion give a logical conclusion based on what has been presented, provide some last thought, and end with some final interesting point but general enough not to require elaboration. | 7 | Prompt the audience for questions and concerns – be prepared to answer the audience with facts and subject authority. |…...

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