Global Strategic Analysis Adidas and Reebok Merger Acquisition

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Contemporary Issues in Management

Case study:
Global Strategic Analysis
Adidas and Reebok Merger Acquisition



The purpose of this report is to evaluate the impact of adidas pending acquisition of Reebok on the sporting goods industry in relationship to Nike position. Evaluation of background information and corporate culture combined with VMOST and SWOT analyses to helped form the arguments presented in this report and have assisted in answering the question, Will adidas forthcoming takeover of Reebok help the new company achieve sustainable competitive advantage over industry leader Nike?.
This research was based on the subject that is illustrating an evaluation of the impact of Adidas from acquisition reebok. Furthermore, an investigation of the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats (SWOT) related to companies in the sports industry was conducted. On the one hand it was found that Adidas historically grown passion for sports in order to provide athletes with the best possible equipment positively contributes to improve brand awarness and brand image.


Footwear is no longer viewed as a commodity that just offers protection for feet. Today footwear became basic need for people. The footwear trade is vast and dynamic operation involving huge economies of…...

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