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Global Warming: Fact or Fiction
Lorrie Fontanilla
Professor John Hargiss
April 27, 2012

Introduction: I. Definition of Global Warming A. What is Global Warming
The Green House Effect
Who is Responsible for Green House Emissions
Debates on Global Warming A. Opposing Viewpoints 1. What do Scientists Agree on
What do Scientists Disagree on Evidence of Global Warming A. Climate Changes 1. Melting Polarized Caps * 2. Rise in Sea Level * IV. Summary and Conclusion * A. Strategies to Abate Global Warming * 1. Individual Efforts * 2. Energy Conservation and Efficiency * 3. Political Position

Global warming: fact or fiction
Global warming is one of the most eminent scientific topics of the twenty-first century stimulating the precise configuration of society. Global warming inherently means there is a rise in temperature when the earth heats up. It sounds unpretentious in its term; however, it is an extremely complicated subject. It occurs when greenhouse gases; (carbon dioxide, water vapor, and methane) entrap the sun’s warmth and radiance in the earth’s environment which initiates temperature increases. (Global Warming, n.d.)
The greenhouse effect is a result from the sunlight’s heat energy that is consumed by the earth and atoms in the earth's environment. This energy is customarily emitted in the direction towards space. However; due, to domestic living changes, the gases in the earth's atmosphere traps this energy resulting in an insignificant percentage that returns to space. The trapped energy transforms into heat, therefore, causing a constant aura of warmth around the earth. This warmth is acknowledged as the Greenhouse Effect. (The Green House Effect and Global Warming, n.d.)
Without the Greenhouse effect, life on earth would perish. The normal…...

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