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Analysing different types of communication
I am going to be looking into the different types of communication and analysing all of the different advantages and disadvantages for each type of communication.
Web-based communication
This is when communication happens via websites and multimedia through the use of presentation. It will be used to portray information through the internet and this will mean that people from around the world can receive the information.
A benefit of this communication is that when relating web-based communication to a business, there are many advantages such as when communicating online, there is a wider audience as the internet is used by millions of people all around the world. Another advantage is that it is by far the quickest way to communicate with anyone all around the world. One more advantage is, the business is also able to reach unreachable customers who are interested but have no way in contacting or communicating with the business. This allows the business to sell their products or services quicker and to a wider range of customers.
A disadvantage of web based communication is that there may be viruses that spread and your computer can catch onto. Another disadvantage is that the information on the internet is not always reliable as anyone can put anything on the internet. Finally the internet can always crash or the website. If a customer wants to purchase products from the business but are unable to do so because it keeps crashing, then customers will no longer want to purchase from the business again.
Tesco’s use web based communication as they store information about the stores they have so their customers can get the information they want so as opening times and location. They also used web based communication to tell customers what products they sell and what stores have them in stock.…...

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