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How the decisions were made * After reviewing the case study and historical data that was present in the form of interview, email and newsletter; the project took another whole new life. The decision making was based largely upon the available information and initial outcomes were largely contributed to the resources mentioned earlier. The path document was found from the data and resources available in the case study. The WBS was indeed a challenge given the schedules and estimates for this project. The management of human resources especially because our project needed scheduling depending upon the developers’ availability was also another challenge. To best manage the list of individuals it was a given that the software provided was a huge aid in managing the best usage of the available resources in terms of vendors, talent and management.

The tasks were assigned to individuals after careful reviewing of educational background and skills that they bring to the table. Understanding their experiences and group dynamics also played a large role in delegating tasks to people. The aim was to reduce as much wastage in terms of resources and maximize productivity in terms of using the right talent, among the right teams with limited time and schedule as well as bring appropriate results at every phase of the project.

How the above decisions affect Project Implementation * The decisions affect the implementation of the project because utilization of the resources in an orderly fashion plans for fast track results. In order to evaluate the maximized outputs from the team it is important that the teams are evaluated in terms of storming, norming etc. Another thing to keep in mind is the impact of procedures and the policies on the project. Employees are dependent upon the policies. Many policies need changes, approval or altering depending upon the project…...

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