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While somatic cell gene therapy brings many advantages to the treatment of diseases and the quality of life, using germ-line gene therapy with the opportunities to genetically improve, alter, or fabricate human beings is unethical and should not be researched.

Imagine this: You just got back from your germ-line procedure to alter your genes for brown hair and green eyes because you didn't want to pass them on to your children. Everyone is saying that having brown hair and green eyes is unattractive now and they're unwanted traits for future generations. Three months later the “fad” changes and people begin to think that having green eyes won't be so bad after all and that they're actually unique. Now you're left with passing on the Version 1.0 gene pool to your children while everyone else who waited could have children with green eyes. This is the future of germ-line gene therapy. Do we really want to live in a world where this is allowed? The thought of people changing their genes just to fit in and be desirable is unimaginable. While somatic cell gene therapy brings many advantages in the treatment of diseases and the quality of life, using germ-line gene therapy with the opportunities to genetically improve, alter, or fabricate human beings is unethical and should not be researched. Gene therapy is an exciting and new experimental medical procedure that replaces or deletes specific genes in our bodies to either treat or prevent disease. By introducing new genetic material into human cells (ie. cancer cells), gene therapy treatment then creates the necessary proteins that allow the affected cell to become healthy ("Gene Therapy and Genetic Engineering"). Gene therapy can also be used as an alternative to other medical disorders rather than having a surgical procedure or…...

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