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Gen 105 Week9 Checkpoint

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I would think my husband would be the one to speak at my graduation dinner. I believe he would say my strengths are; I am a determined, strong minded person. He would also say I am goal oriented and have a passion to help others in need. I have the drive to better my life and the lives of my family though education. I believe he would say I enjoy learning and I am dedicated to it.

I know he would say the odds were against me and I defeated them one by one.

While prepping for my interview I would want to bring out my best qualities, life events and achievements. I believe most importantly I have a strong desire to help others. I would express I have an abundance of past business experience. Having business experience is helpful even though my major is psychology. It is import to know and understand the overhead expenses in the company budget. My achievements are I have met or exceeded my goals at prior jobs and (will) have obtained my Associates in Psychology degree. I would address I am a risk taker and have a desire to continue to learn and improve myself.

My desire is so strong to help people with mental disability or drug addiction because both have affected I care about in my family so I know how other families feel to deal with a person with such vices. Last but not least I would let my interview know I am eager to please and I am a hard…...

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