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Principle 1

Our dignity begins with what we are; something we do not give ourselves but receive from whatever it is that causes us to be. No one gives himself what he already is in his coming to be. What we are given is completed, on our part, by what we choose to do with what we already are.
I know every person have different customs and belief of culture but everyone need respect the dignity of peoples because the respect of people is very important in our Society Respect plays a role in our everyday lives. When we go to school, there's respect. When we go to a restaurant, there's respect. When you go to your family reunion, there is respect. You may not notice it, but that's only because they are being respectful to you .If you're not respectful then you will be disrespected because your being mean. So you should always be respectful to others so they will treat you the way you want to be treated. If you are respectful to others then you can get good jobs because they’ll like you
It is God who states that every man and woman is made in His image, without limitations regarding race, gender, intelligence or faith. God grants the greatest status of dignity to human beings, having been made in the likeness of God. Every human being, therefore, has the right to be respected because of his or her God-given human dignity. The concept of human rights can be traced back to the story of Creation, when God created people with human dignity.
So the treating people with dignity are an important practice in daily life. However, it can be overlooked in certain situations, such as when providing healthcare to elderly and disabled patients as well as when performing medical treatments on people of different races, socioeconomic statuses and ethnic identities. Showing dignity involves listening to and acknowledging concerns, making people feel their opinions are valued and speaking to them on an equal level.

Principle 2

Being competent person is good in other way but sometimes it’s bad because other use it to bad things so the well being of persons is very harmful.

Well-being is associated with numerous health, job, family, and economically-related benefits. For example, higher levels of well-being are associated with decreased risk of disease, illness, and injury; better immune functioning; speedier recovery; and increased longevity. Individuals with high levels of well-being are more productive at work and are more likely to contribute to their communities. So we need active concern for well-being and taking care to do no harm of individuals, families, groups and communities. And I learned we need respect for the ability of individuals, families, groups, and communities to make decisions for them and to care for themselves and developing and maintaining competence to other people.

Principle 3

Ethical Integrity is a favorably sensible method for doing what is right when it comes to people dealing with people. In today’s society, ethical integrity has become a modern lifestyle. When a person has a strong moral character, they are said to be a person of integrity and to live a honest life is said to be the most important virtue a person can have.
In my opinion I think that integrity is a strong part of my character. Integrity is hard to explain but a big portion of it is controlled by the values that you choose to have in your life. The values that I find most important in my life are honesty, and religion. With these as my most important values I am sure to achieve the highest integrity possible. The way that values and morals relate to integrity is that you need both to achieve greatness without you values there is no possible way to truly achieve integrity.
To have integrity humans, make a conscious decision. It is like that little cartoon devil that sits on one shoulder while the little cartoon angel sits on the other. When a situation arises in a person's life that requires him to make a choice the little devil tries to convince that person to do what feels good, what seems like fun, but what is the wrong thing to do, while the little angel tries desperately to sway the person to do what is right. And then the human chooses.
In my opinion my greatest value would have to be honesty. The reason that I chose this as my most important value is because without honesty I can't achieve the goals that I have set before myself in my life. With honesty as my most important value I am insured to reach success. The success of having a good integrity is high in my life. I try my best and do what is needed to reach that goal.

Principle 4

The Principle of Universality (freedom and responsibility) of Science
The responsible practice of science is fundamental to scientific advancement and human and environmental well-being. Such practice, in all its aspects, requires freedom of movement, association, expression and communication for scientists, as well as equitable access to data, information, and other resources for research. It requires responsibility at all levels to carry out and communicate scientific work with integrity, respect, fairness, trustworthiness, and transparency, recognizing its benefits and possible harms.
In advocating the free and responsible practice of science, ICSU promotes equitable opportunities for access to science and its benefits, and opposes discrimination based on such factors as ethnic origin, religion, citizenship, language, political or other opinion, sex, gender identity, sexual orientation, disability, or age.
Ensure the safety and well-being of the public Ensure that society’s funds and resources concerning technology are well used Refusing to work on a particular project or for a particular company Speaking out publicly against a proposed project Blowing the whistle on illegality or wrong-doing Professional Societies’ obligation to provide protection for whistleblowers Individual and organizational concern about the impact of engineering projects on society Contributing one’s services to worthy, non-profit groups and projects Engineering schools’ commitment to educating future engineers about their social responsibilities.…...

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