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Mutant Cakes Attack


Game Outline
High Concept
You are ninja. You must use your special assassin abilities to overturn the mutant cakes and take back the city in the final battle of the bulge. As ninja, the player must work her way through four different lands to conquer the mutant cakes before they take over the final landscape – the city.

1. Gameplay
There are four main worlds within the game which progress in a parallel layout (Adams, E. & Rollings, A. 2007). The four main worlds, Country, Residential, Industrial and City must be saved from the mutant cakes that slowly take over each world. As the player traverses each landscape destroying cakes, the enemy also continues alongside her defying being completely hunted down and destroyed. The player encounters evolved mutant cakes at the end of each world level and must defeat it before gaining access to the next world. The ultimate goal is to stop the mutant cakes from reaching the City World and conquering civilization.

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INFT6300 – Assignment 2: Game Script Report Daniel Michael, 3103360 UoN Trimester 1, 2010 _________________________________________________________________________________________________

The following table describes the high level game progression through each of the four worlds and the required skill level to complete each.

Rural World
Explore world

Residential World
Slow Mutant Cake progression by defeating L2 mutant cakes

Industrial World
Defeat L2 & L3 Mutant Cakes

City World
City in chaos, defeat L3 Mutants

Fight Level 1 Mutant Cakes

Fight mutant cakes and uncover new abilities

Find advanced weaponry & Master

Destroy all L2 Mutants and uncover ‘True Ninja’ suit

Gain basic fighting skill to advance Defeat Level Boss

Gain weaponry skills

Learn combo skills

Gain advanced skills and master

Defeat Level Boss

Defeat Level Boss

Defeat Level Boss to win game (victory condition)

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INFT6300 – Assignment 2: Game Script Report Daniel Michael, 3103360 UoN Trimester 1, 2010 _________________________________________________________________________________________________

The table below sets out a list of the challenges found throughout the game.

Challenge Type
Fighting mutant cakes

Challenge detail
As ninja the player must fight the mutating cakes and learn different moves to progress (related action – Basic Attack).

Special abilities

There are basic fighting skills bestowed upon all players on entry to the game world but there are special moves available to the player (related actions – Special Abilities).

Find weapons

The player must find and collect the weapons required to stop the mutant cakes from taking over each game world location (related action – Weapon Use).

Find Mutant Bosses

Mutant bosses at the end of each level must be found and defeated.

Defeat multiple enemies

Mutating Cakes have built in Artificial Intelligence that they will use to attack in packs making defeat harder for the player. She must find ways to use abilities learnt to defeat multiple enemies simultaneously.

Uncover Ninja Secrets

The player must uncover Ninja secrets at certain points in the game to be able to defeat Boss level mutant cakes or to reveal special abilities.

Uncover Mutation plants

Mutation plants are found in the Industrial and City levels. This is where the Mutant Cakes are reproducing and must be stopped.

Find the ‘True Ninja’ master black suit

The True Ninja suit is demonstrative of having learnt all abilities and having mastered all weaponry in readiness for the final Boss Level Mutant Monster Cake.

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INFT6300 – Assignment 2: Game Script Report Daniel Michael, 3103360 UoN Trimester 1, 2010 _________________________________________________________________________________________________

Action type
Basic movement

Action description
Ninja are able to move forward, back and up and down in this free roaming third person perspective world.

User Controls
Ninja movement can be mapped directly to mouse or basic keyboard control. Scroll-wheel mouse movement will move the terrain and look forward, back and left and right through the available game world view. Forward – D Back – A Up – W Down – X The arrow keys perform the same action as a mouse scroll wheel described above. All attacks are keyboard assigned Punch – J Kick- K Jump - Spacebar

Basic Attack

Basic attacks bestowed upon game commencement include punch, kick and jump.

Special Abilities

Special abilities are earned by progressing through the gameworld and awarded at intervals where significant challenges have been overcome.

Special abilities are keyboard assigned and include combination key pushes as well as extra key functions which are unlocked by these progressive measures N – Slide takedown M – Flying kick < - Punch Kick Combo > - Throw

Weapon Use

As the player progresses through each gameworld she will find weapons, which can be used in attacking mutant cakes.

Weapons are assigned to keyboard keys as they are gained instructions will be given to the player via modal pop-ups allowing customization of key preference U – Sword slash I – Sword stab O – Nun-chuck attack


The player can defend herself from cakes that tempt them to gorge on them.

Z – basic defend Z+U – weapon block defense move


Ninja is swayed by temptation and gorges on cake.

If the protagonist is lured by the enemy taunting and eats mutant cake he is slowed down gains weight making him less effective as ninja warrior. Too many ‘Gorges’ and the player will lose life points and

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INFT6300 – Assignment 2: Game Script Report Daniel Michael, 3103360 UoN Trimester 1, 2010 _________________________________________________________________________________________________

eventually one avatar life. Menu access The menu access is available during game play and allows the player to check her characters attributes such as health, abilities and weapon log. The save game menu allows the player to save her current position in the game world. Y – Menu access (game pause)

Save game

Accessed via the modal pop up ‘Menu access’

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INFT6300 – Assignment 2: Game Script Report Daniel Michael, 3103360 UoN Trimester 1, 2010 _________________________________________________________________________________________________

Figure 4. Hierarchy of challenges

The hierarchy of challenges diagram above (figure 4.) explains how the atomic challenges (explore Rural World, Residential World etc) create the sub-missions (fight cakes, gain skills etc) to complete each level mission (defeat multiple enemies) and complete the ultimate goal (defeat Level Boss) to win the game (achieve victory condition).

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INFT6300 – Assignment 2: Game Script Report Daniel Michael, 3103360 UoN Trimester 1, 2010 _________________________________________________________________________________________________

2. Story and Character
Backstory Gradually the human race has become lazier and lazier, preferring mass-produced fast food to fresh healthy produce. Take away shops, fast food chains; sweets, chocoloates and cakes gradually became the preference to any type of healthy alternative. While we grew lazier we injected hormones and used artificial ingredients that were chemically produced and created foods that became less and less nutritional and more and more dangerous. One day the products of our environment and creation, mutated into sentient life forms and the cakes that we grew to love and enjoy suddenly took on it’s own form - and it wasn’t happy. Mutant cakes gradually turned into anthropomorphic beings and started turning against human kind, chasing us out of house and home across the land and threatening humanity with a violent, sickly sweet takeover. Objective The objective of the game is to defeat the mutant cakes before they conquer civilization. The game has four levels and in order to defeat the mutant cakes, the player must travel through each world, conquering mutant cakes before finally defeating the final City World Level Boss. The player must progress successfully through each of the four levels, defeating Level Bosses at the conclusion of each world’s activity. She must then defeat the final Level Boss at the conclusion of the City World to be the overall game winner. Defeating the City World Level Boss is known as the games victory condition (Adams, E. & Rollings, A. 2007). Mission Aimed at the casual gamer market, the game’s narrative features a fold back style story which sees the player engaged in creative play as she navigates each world roaming her environment engaging enemies in different situations as she progresses. This means that she is free to explore each world as she chooses for a quick fun interaction, encountering mini challenges along the way, but will inevitably always arrive at the end of the world level in the same way to defeat the Level Boss (see figure 6).

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INFT6300 – Assignment 2: Game Script Report Daniel Michael, 3103360 UoN Trimester 1, 2010 _________________________________________________________________________________________________

There are four worlds and four Level Bosses, each of which will slowly become harder to defeat. This progressive creeping of difficulty occurs in an intuitive manner becoming harder as more sub-missions and levels are completed. The player will need to find weapons which will be required to defeat level bosses - the game engine tracking this progress so that she will not move past a certain level if those requirements are not met. This is called a saw-tooth progression of difficulty (Adams, E. & Rollings, A. 2007). As well as weaponry, special moves (Ninja abilities) can be learnt and these are presented to the player visually as icons in the Active Shell menu. Level Health and Ability are the two main visual indicators that are shown to the player (see User Interface Figure 7) giving her mission feedback. As Special Abilities are earned and weapons found the story engine will progress the game engine to keep the narrative moving through the sub-missions to the Level missions in a natural way that appears seamless to the player. These collective atomic challenges & missions combine to complete the narrative of each World Level and will trigger the game engine to engage the player at the right moment in Boss Level gameplay (Adams & Rollings, 2007). Each Level Boss is a key narrative event in the game world hence is embedded in the story engine to ensure that the player has learned enough in each world level to progress so that the story moves in a way that seems in keeping with the style of the game. When engaged in Boss Level gameplay the L1, 2 & 3 mutant cakes are not featured so that the player is left to defeat the Level Boss. Level Boss monsters need to be defeated multiple times in order to win (see Core Mechanics, Rules). The visual feedback provided shows the mutant cakes beginning to crumble, pieces falling away and finally the cakes crumbling to dust. Key to the narrative progression is that the player is not required to defeat all cakes in order to get to and defeat the Level Boss at the end of each World Level. This indicates to the player that the cakes continue to mutate and take over each city despite her best efforts right until the final City World. In this way the player must realise that they must continue the good fight to defeat the mutating cakes but also realises that the final showdown will occur at the City World level.

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INFT6300 – Assignment 2: Game Script Report Daniel Michael, 3103360 UoN Trimester 1, 2010 _________________________________________________________________________________________________

Our main protagonist is ninja; a small but deadly assassin that kicks, punches, slashes, bash and smash their way through multiple mutant cake enemies, turning them to wispy clouds of icing sugar. The player can chose from four primary colour ninja outfits, red (see Figure 1 for some basic mockups of comic style of the game), yellow, green and blue providing her with an element of creative and expressive play (Adams & Rollings, 2007). The ‘True Master Ninja’ (see Figure 2.) outfit is evidence of mastery of the arts and as such, must be earned.

Figure 1 Red Ninja Figure 2 - True Master Ninja

Character development Enhancing expressive play the player can chose her ninja colour at the onset of the game. This increases her feeling of belonging in the game and is how the magic circle is entered, separating the real world from the pretended reality (Adams & Rollings, 2007. p7). The player enters and thus begins her journey becoming the protagonist as ninja, a powerful statement of expressive play. Characters develop through the progression of worlds Rural through to City. The main form of development is to learn new abilities, find weaponry to master and unlock the secret of the True Master Ninja.

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INFT6300 – Assignment 2: Game Script Report Daniel Michael, 3103360 UoN Trimester 1, 2010 _________________________________________________________________________________________________

The enemies are ‘mutant cakes’ that have evolved from our over-stimulated environment of greed and gluttony on Planet Earth. Cakes evolve becoming more powerful through 3 levels of mutation and are both comical and deadly, but must be stopped before they reach the city. Ninja can also be enticed by the sickly sweet temptations and can be tempted to eat them instead of destroying them, which is known as a Gorge attack. The enemy shows character development through their different mutations, which are visually shown by swelling or distortion of the cake bodies and faces as well as different colours as visual indicators of change.

Figure 3. Examples of different Level 1 ‘Mutant Cakes’

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INFT6300 – Assignment 2: Game Script Report Daniel Michael, 3103360 UoN Trimester 1, 2010 _________________________________________________________________________________________________

3. User Interface

Figure 5. Game flow chart

The flowchart above (figure 5.) describes the flow of the game. Upon commencement the player is presented with a Splash/Intro Screen showing cut scenes and short animated teasers, which loops, creating a visual identity or feel for the game. From this Splash screen the player can select to ‘Enter’ where she travels to the ‘Profile’ screen where she may choose a player colour (or keep the default) enter details such as name and save location, and then start the game. In a foldback fashion once each world is entered the player is free to explore the area uncovering secrets, abilities and defeating the enemy but will always eventuate at the same point to defeat the Level Boss. To this end each game world defines the total scale of the game – the boundaries of each world are free to be explored but the edges of each world will wrap at the top, bottom and sides to get around the ‘edge of the world’ problem

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INFT6300 – Assignment 2: Game Script Report Daniel Michael, 3103360 UoN Trimester 1, 2010 _________________________________________________________________________________________________

associated with large open spaces (Adams & Rollings. 2007). This defines the physical gameworld. The Shell Menus allow the player to pause the game and save their current position. Although this can decrease the player’s immersion in the game it is available so that she has the choice as the pace can be frantic and overwhelming and she may feel like a break to assess her strategy, check weapons available and save the current position if defeat seems likely (Adams & Rollings 2007). The Active Shell menu also allows her to check character attributes and weapons/secrets collected which becomes important as the worlds progress to have collected certain fighting prowess and weapons to be able to defeat the Level Boss. The shell menus are mapped to keys that learned progressively by the player, for example by discovering a weapon, the way to use it is instructed by instructed by modal pop up. If the player misses the instruction the Active Shell menu can be accessed and it is here they can take stock of abilities and weapons control etc.

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INFT6300 – Assignment 2: Game Script Report Daniel Michael, 3103360 UoN Trimester 1, 2010 _________________________________________________________________________________________________

Figure 6. Game Progression - story flow chart

Figure 6 depicts how the player creates the fold back story experience to create the narrative in her own choice of progression. Each event depicts a series of occurrences (fights/attacks) that eventually lead her to the Level Boss.

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INFT6300 – Assignment 2: Game Script Report Daniel Michael, 3103360 UoN Trimester 1, 2010 _________________________________________________________________________________________________

Figure 7. Main Gameplay mode

Figure 7 shows the main Gameplay mode. By minimizing shell menus and meters to a minimum, maximum real estate remains available during the main Gameplay mode. This provides the player a greater visual freedom to roam and explore in expressive free form play (Adams & Rollings 2007). The Active Shell menu is still available in this Gameplay mode but will pause the game momentarily while it is accessed. Authors note: Further development could create a split-screen ability so the player doesn’t lose the in-game immersion by accessing the Active Shell Menu.

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INFT6300 – Assignment 2: Game Script Report Daniel Michael, 3103360 UoN Trimester 1, 2010 _________________________________________________________________________________________________

Figure 8 Ninja Attributes Shell Menu

Figure 8 shows the Ninja Attributes Active Shell menu that is displayed as a contextual pop up accessed by keyboard shortcuts and provides the player with a short pause and the ability to take stock on health, abilities and special attributes she has earned. The game is played in action classic Third Person Perspective and allows the player to see the character and with the camera following behind. It employs the avatar based interaction model where the player is able to see her avatar and the camera follows from behind.

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INFT6300 – Assignment 2: Game Script Report Daniel Michael, 3103360 UoN Trimester 1, 2010 _________________________________________________________________________________________________

The elements of each component of the Active Shell menu are described by their Element, Function and Player Feedback in the table below. Ninja Attributes – Elements
Health (bar attribute)

A visual element displays the player’s current health status. Decreases through enemy attack and by gorging on enemy and is mapped to players lives available. Once depleted below visual level one life is lost and player must start again from last checkpoint. Visual element showing outline version of avatar.

Player Feedback
Power bar – visual element. Sectioned into 4 equal sections that deplete in half quantities, giving one full life 8 depletions of health bar before 1 life is lost.

Lives (visual element

On or off values. Maximum value of 4. Starting position of 3 lives, reduced by losing life, gained by finding one-ups through game world. Visual element, player executes keyboard move, avatar responds with bestowed basic movement Visual element, player executes keyboard move, avatar responds with bestowed basic movement Visual element, player executes keyboard move, avatar responds with learnt advanced attack combining punch with kick Visual element. True ninja shown through Black Ninja outfit depicting level of kung-fu mastery Visual element. Ninja is lured into eating Mutant Cake, which adds bulk to avatar and slows movement down, also depletes one half of quarter health element per gorge action. Activated by key press, details accessed by Active Shell Menu Activated by key press, details accessed by Active Shell Menu Activated by key press, details accessed by Active Shell Menu

Fighting Ability – Kicking (Active Shell Menu)

Bestowed basic ability – kick attack

Fighting Ability - Punching (Active Shell Menu)

Bestowed basic ability – punch attack

Fighting Ability - Combo (Active Shell Menu)

Earned advance ability – punch kick combo attack

True Ninja (Active Shell Menu)

Earned advanced ability – True ninja attack

Ninja Gorge (Active Shell Menu)

Enemy attack – ninja is lured into eating enemy slowing her down

Ninja Weapon – basic (Active Shell Menu) Ninja Weapon – intermediate (Active Shell Menu) Ninja Weapon – advanced (Active Shell Menu)

Bestowed weapon attack

Earned weapon attack – Slash and stab variations available once weapons found Earned weapon ability – one touch defeat attack that

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INFT6300 – Assignment 2: Game Script Report Daniel Michael, 3103360 UoN Trimester 1, 2010 _________________________________________________________________________________________________

4. Core Mechanics
‘Mutant Cakes Attack’ feature several single entities that provide descriptions for objects such as health, movement, attacks, actions functionality and weaponry, that combine to create the games core mechanics (Adams & Rollings 2007). The entities and their relationships are explained as a flowchart in figure 9.

Figure 9. Entity relationships

The term ‘Passive entities’ in the Legend (figure 9) is used to describe those entities which do not affect gameplay. They are core functions such as player creation, game saving, loading and saving options and world statistics. Ninja entities are used to describe attributes, movements, attacks actions and weapons available to the player. These are outlined as the Active Shell Menus above. Cake entities are describe the entities belonging of the mutant cakes which also Passive entities because the player is unable to control them through gameplay. The Passive entities act as the taxonomy of the Ninja and Cake entities. Once the game has begun and we enter the game world (see Figure 5) the Passive entities are no

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INFT6300 – Assignment 2: Game Script Report Daniel Michael, 3103360 UoN Trimester 1, 2010 _________________________________________________________________________________________________

longer required by the Ninja and Cake attributes until the player accesses the Storage Shell Menu (see Figure 5 also). Ninja attributes are the entities affecting ninja only. Ninja movement attributes work synchronously with weapons, ninja attacks and ninja actions. They are also affected by the Enemy Abilities and Enemy attributes accordingly (see Figure 9).


Passive shell menu that holds information not used actively in main gameplay mode


Shell menu available to player at all stages of gameplay. Container for all save entities


Passive shell menu that concern overall game entry and exit points as well as score boards and Level Boss information

Ninja Attributes

Holds condition of player including numeric relationships to well being, player choice and some source conditions

Ninja Movement Weapons Ninja Attacks Ninja Actions

Contains all events related to player movement in active game world Holds all sources that can be found in the game during active play All types of events that the player can do in concert with Ninja Movment conditions Container of actions that occur as a result of events or conditions related to Ninja movement and Ninja Attacks

Enemy Movement Enemy Abilities Enemy Attributes

Condition information of enemy movement in active game world The entity responsible for enemy events The enemy conditions

In Game Economy
Mutant Cakes Attacks in-game economy is comprised of the health of the main protagonist, how many lives she possesses, and attacks of the enemy. As an action adventure game with fighting actions, the economy is mainly affected by the success of fighting or gorging.

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INFT6300 – Assignment 2: Game Script Report Daniel Michael, 3103360 UoN Trimester 1, 2010 _________________________________________________________________________________________________

According to Adams & Rollings (2007) sources are the available items in the game world that are available and these comprise of weapons and abilities (attacks) in the game. Drains are the means by which the entities are reduced or depleted (Adams & Rollings, 2007) and these are represented by the gorge attack of the enemies and temptation to gorge from the main protagonist. If ninja succumb to eating cake instead of destroying it they are depleted of health at a rate of 1:1. 1 being half of a quarter of a health meter bar (see Figure 8 Ninja Attributes Elements table).

The rules of the game are common to action style fighting adventure games, explore, fight and win scenarios exist in each world which succeed one another in a linear fashion. Game settings available by the Passive Shell Menu under the Options settings at Startup allow the player to select from 3 different difficulty levels; Easy, Medium and Hard. These system settings offer variance by increasing the random number of enemies generated per world per lifecycle of the game being played as per the table below.
World Level

5 enemy per 2 minutes real time

10 enemy per 2 minutes of real time 12 enemy per 2 minutes real time 14 enemy per 2 minutes real time 16 enemy per 2 minutes real time

20 enemy per 2 minutes of real time 25 enemy per 2 minutes real time 30 enemy per 2 minutes real time 35 enemy per 2 minutes real time


7 enemy per 2 minutes real time


9 enemy per 2 minutes real time


11enemy per 2 minutes real time

The temporal dimension of a game world defines the way that time is treated in that world and the ways in which it differs from time in the real world (Adams & Rollings, 2007. p107). To create a passing of time each world is on a set cycle to continue for no longer than one hour of real time per world. The game engine will detect the passing of real time and trigger key events to keep the game moving toward the Level Boss.

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INFT6300 – Assignment 2: Game Script Report Daniel Michael, 3103360 UoN Trimester 1, 2010 _________________________________________________________________________________________________

To reach Level Bosses the player must reach obtain certain levels of defeat in each world before progressing as indicated by the table below.
World Level

Defeat 1
1 x Kick Punch Combo

Defeat 2
Kick Punch Combo + Basic Weapon Attack Kick Punch Combo + Advanced Weapon Attack Kick Punch Combo + Advanced Weapon Attack + Secret Ninja Attack NA

Defeat 3

Final Defeat


2 x Kick Punch Combo + Basic Weapon Attack

Secret Ninja Attack


3 x Kick Punch Combo + Basic Weapon Attack

Special ability discovered in this world


Kick Punch Combo + Advanced Weapon Attack + Secret Ninja Attack

2 x Kick Punch Combo + Advanced Weapon Attack + Secret Ninja Attack

3 x Kick Punch Combo + Advanced Weapon Attack + Secret Ninja Attack

True Ninja move executed

World progression and Victory Condition
Upon creating a profile (naming the avatar and selecting colour) the game is started at the beginning of the Rural World (see Figure 6 -Game Progression flow chart) and the player must fight her way through to the Level Boss, collecting abilities and weaponry available, before being able to attempt to complete Residential World (see Figure 4 Hierarchy of Challenges). The following table describes the basic looping rule governing that progression and defining the victory condition.
Action type
Global action: Game Progression Trigger: Level Boss defeated (any world)

Core mechanic description
IF player has defeated Level Boss (any world) THEN show planet as completed AND continue to next World. IF player has defeated Level Boss x 4 THEN show end sequence (Victory Condition) ELSE move player onto next World

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INFT6300 – Assignment 2: Game Script Report Daniel Michael, 3103360 UoN Trimester 1, 2010 _________________________________________________________________________________________________

WHENEVER player is defeated by Level Boss (any world) THEN subtract one from NINJA ATTRIBUTE ENTITY and return to beginning of previous world

The next table explains the games movement mechanics and how enemies interact with the player and worlds and the damage and health rules overarching the main Gameplay mode.
Action type
Global action: Basic movement Trigger: Keyboard commands used in Active Gameplay mode

Core mechanic description
IF key D IS pressed THEN move avatar forward 1 pace IF key A IS pressed THEN move avatar backward 1 pace IF key W IS pressed THEN move avatar upwards 1 pace IF key X IS pressed THEN move avatar downward 1 pace ELSE take no action

Global action: Basic attacks Trigger: Keyboard commands used in Active Gameplay mode

IF key J IS pressed THEN EXECUTE avatar Punch attack IF key K IS pressed THEN EXECUTE avatar Kick attack IF key Spacebar IS pressed THEN EXECUTE avatar Jump action ELSE take no action

Global action: Special Abilities Trigger: Keyboard commands used in Active Gameplay mode

IF key N IS pressed THEN EXECUTE avatar Slide action IF key M IS pressed THEN EXECUTE avatar Kick_Advance action IF key < IS pressed THEN EXECUTE avatar Combo action IF key > IS pressed THEN EXECUTE avatar Throw action ELSE take no action

Global action: Weapon Use Trigger: Keyboard commands used in Active Gameplay mode

IF key U IS pressed THEN EXECUTE avatar Weapon_slash action IF key I IS pressed THEN EXECUTE avatar Weapon_stab action IF key O IS pressed THEN EXECUTE avatar Weapon_swing action ELSE take no action

_____________________________________________________________________________________________ 22

INFT6300 – Assignment 2: Game Script Report Daniel Michael, 3103360 UoN Trimester 1, 2010 _________________________________________________________________________________________________

Global action: Defense Trigger: Keyboard commands used in Active Gameplay mode

IF key Z IS pressed THEN EXECUTE avatar Block action IF key Z+U IS pressed THEN EXECUTE avatar Weapon_defend action ELSE take no action IF enemy action Gorge_tempt = YES then EXECUTE Ninja action Gorge_L1 IF enemy action Gorge_tempt = YES + 1 then EXECUTE Ninja action Gorge_L2 IF enemy action Gorge_tempt = YES + 2 then EXECUTE Ninja action Gorge_L3 IF enemy action Gorge_tempt = YES + 3 then EXECUTE Ninja action Ninja_defeat IF enemy action Gorge_attack = YES and Ninja attack < Block then EXECUTE Ninja action Gorge_defeat

Global action: Gorge Trigger: Keyboard commands used in Active Gameplay mode

Global action: Menu access Trigger: Keyboard commands used in Active & Passive Gameplay mode Global action: Save game Trigger: Keyboard commands used in Active Gameplay mode

IF key Y is pressed THEN pause Active gameplay and DISPLAY Storage Shell menu ACTIVATE Storage Shell menu mechanics (not covered) WHEN Storage Shell menu ACTIVE THEN save game to memory

_____________________________________________________________________________________________ 23

INFT6300 – Assignment 2: Game Script Report Daniel Michael, 3103360 UoN Trimester 1, 2010 _________________________________________________________________________________________________

Adams, E. & Rollings, A. (2007). Fundamentals of Game Design. New Jersey: Pearson Prentice Hall. Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike. Wolfenstein 3D. (n.d.) Retrieved February 14, 2010 from Citations Adams, E. (2007). High Concept Document template. New Jersey. Pearson Education. Adams, E. (2007). The Game Treatment Document. New Jersey. Pearson Education. Crazy Flasher 2 (2010). Developer: Andy Law’s Web V5.0. Publisher. Narrative Mode. (n.d.) Retrieved February 14, 2010 from, Moby Games. (1999-2010). 3rd-Person Perspective. Retrieved February 14, 2010, from SpongeBob Halloween Horror. (2010). Developer: Game Ninja. Publisher: Yangloong Legend 2: 2nd Impact. (2009). Developer: Vlux Studio. Publisher:

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...healthy lifestyle with a healthy eating habits and lost of exercise can bring about health. Therefore, games should be made compulsory in schools. Games promote positive qualities like team work and sportsmanship. In games which involves in team like football, volleyball and basketball, players must cooperate with one another to ensure the success of their team. There is no place for selfish desires and personal glory. On the other hand, when the team loses, all the teammates share the blame. Games and sport make the school life interesting. They add variety. Imagine having to study a whole day and then having to sit for exams. It will be both monotonous and boring, just as the saying goes ‘All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy.’ Every game has its own set of rules and regulations. Players must adhere to these rules and regulations. If a player goes against any of them, he will be penalized. Games, thus, help students to be disciplined. Similarly, students become aware that as they grow older, they have to conform to the norms of society. If they do not, they run the risk of being ostracized. Games which are held after school hours will keep students occupied. They will not have time to pursue undesirable activities such as loafing and watching blue movies. This proves the adage, ‘An idle mind is the devil’s workshop.’ Taking into consideration the numerous benefits games and sports have to offer, it is imperative that they be included in the school curriculum....

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...daily basis. All e-mail correspondence must take place over Kendall e-mail; e-mailing your instructor from a personal e-mail account will not receive a response. If your instructor receives any email from an unknown source it will automatically be removed by the junk mail filter. If you have any technical problems, you can contact the Information Technology (IT) Department at (312) 752-2548 or by e-mail at Please act in a professional manner by refraining from using electronic devices for purposes other than class activities during class time. Students using any laptop, tablet (e.g., iPad), cellphones, or smartphones for purposes other than class activities (e.g., Facebook, text messaging, personal e-mails, games, etc.) will be asked to close their device and put it away. Such activity will have an adverse effect on your grade and be reflected in the class participation portion of your grade. If you are a repeat offender, then you may be asked to leave the class for the remainder of the class session. The use of cell phones, smart phones, and music and video players is prohibited at all times during class, unless otherwise noted by the instructor. All cell phone and smart phones should be turned off and put away, so you will not disturb the class. General Course Policies In this class, you will be expected to do the following: 1. Access the course content in Blackboard. Be sure to pay attention to changes in the syllabus......

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Game Project Proposal - Rhythm Game

...Yusin Zhang, Thong Clus Ngo Overview The proposed project is developing a rhythm game. This game does not exist and at the end of design and development process, it will be fully complete and playable. The game involves different notes which will be falling down from the screen with random letter on it. The player is expected to hit the note with the right key to follow the song with the music playing in the background. The sequence dictated and displayed on the screen must be followed. Correctness in hitting the notes translates to an increased player’s score. Vorderer & Bryant (2012) suggests that games should have different difficulty levels. How good is the player at learning a rhythm? This game will be a real fun as players will try harder to catch a rhythm to feel comfortable that they can try the next level of difficulty. There will be rewards as well as punishment while the player is still playing so as to stimulate the player. The motive of the game is to challenge and test the player’s sense and level of rhythm. This game will be based on the following elements and fiction: test of skill, the utilization of the aspect of timing, loss of points if the player opts to skip a note, tendency of repetition of a song and featuring a rhythm severally in one song. The fundamental fiction in this game is the falling of notes on the screen in relation to expected key presses. Every video game involves user interaction with a human interface to come up with visual......

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The Game

...playing a game in the square when suddenly the sky turns dark. A boy runs through the square yelling, “The world is ending! The wise men say the world will end in less than one hour!” The first man jumps to his feet and says, “I must go to the temple and pray!” The second man jumps up and says, “I must go home and be with my family!” The third man looks at them both and says, “As for myself, I shall finish the game.” I can’t count the number of times I have looked back on my life with regret for one reason or another. I have made promises I never intended to keep. I have hurt those I cared about the most. I have sinned against my Lord with something I have done, or not done. I have not lived as I should at all times. I would do or say something stupid or wrong, and I would tell myself, “I’ll fix it later.” But James warned us not to fall prey to that attitude. We are told in James 4:13,14 that we should not say we will do this or that tomorrow, for we don’t even know if tomorrow will come. We are not promised our next heartbeat, so why do we put off until tomorrow what needs to be done today? Why do we put off until later something that needs to be done now? What would you do right now if you were told the world would end in less than an hour? Would you run to the temple to get things right with God? Would you run home to make amends with your spouse or your children? Or would you be able to say, “I am living as I should. I shall finish the game.”...

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Violent Games

...Violent Games: Single Benefit-Double Harm By Dan Nguyen Rhetoric Research Prof. Melody Heide 15 April 2013 One day, I visited a far relative; and when I came into the house, I was startled by the shouts of her kids, “Kill him,” “Die,” “Screw you!” Those kids were playing video games, and they were screaming bad words to each other’s face. I looked up to the screen and saw an extremely gory image of a violent game. I could tell the excitement on the kids’ faces, and when I greeted them, they did not even reply to me. That incident made me think about all the articles of how violent games affect children. Whereas school violence becomes more and more serious, violent games without close control from the government and families is one of the main reasons. Just because of a small contradiction, students can go straight to a fight, acting like some gangsters, and in the worst case, deathly accidents happen. Do violent games lead to violent behaviors? Do they have bad effects on children and society? Many people nowadays would reject those questions and provide various reasons to prove that violent games are good in general. If we take a look on both sides of the problem, video games are great products of entertainment technology that can bring some good effects, but in most of the cases, the bad effects infringe the good effects, especially for violent games, and that’s why we should limit children playing those by banning violent games for all minors in all states. ...

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The Game

...Game Time What is a commercial? A commercial is a paid advertisement on television or radio, or something related to doing business or for business purpose. I think without commercials a lot of things would not be sold in this world. When would be the best time to let everyone know what businesses are selling, the Super Bowl? In most commercials I think they use sex to sell or catch our attention to see what they are selling. As I watched the Super Bowl there was a lot of commercials and most of them if not all was advertising to sell something. One commercial that caught my attention was a coca-cola commercial. I think it was selling a lot and also showing that this product has been around for a long time. In this commercial to me it showed that the world has diversity by showing that different cultures also love to drink this product. Seeing that would make me want to buy their product because to me it shows that it’s not just one culture that buys this product and also it wants everyone to be satisfied with their product. This commercial also sold me by showing a family spending time together and really it looks like they’re enjoying the time their spending together drinking a soda that everyone in the family enjoys. It also shows that this product is good to have during a gathering because it seems so refreshing. Another thing this commercial used to sell this product was bright colors to catch the eye. It was showing that family should spend more time together. A......

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...Once you have the Buggy, go back to Costa Del Sol while in the Buggy and take the ship back to the first continent. Go east from Junon and follow the river until you reach a place where you can cross it. Go north and you’ll see a cave. Go inside and check how many times you’ve fought. If the number of times you’ve fought has the last two digits the same (like 388 or 511) then the guy there will give you an item. If you go in with say, 244 and you get a Bolt Ring, go outside, fight exactly 11 times and go back in. He should give you Mithril. If he gives you Mithril first time, lucky you. Oh and sometimes he just says how many times you’ve escaped or whatever, so go outside, battle once and go back in. After getting the Mithril, go through the game and get the Tiny Bronco. Once you have that, go to the right of Gold Saucer and you’ll see a hut. Go in the hut and give the guy there the Mithril. Then go to the second floor and open the safe-like thing there to get Great Gospel. This makes all party members invincible for the battle and restores all their Hit Points and Magic Points. Level 1: Sled Fang- Automatically activated. Red XIII dashes at and attacks a single enemy. Lunatic High- Activated after using Sled Fang 9 times. Red XIII casts Haste on the whole party. Level 2: Blood Fang- Activated after defeating 80 enemies with Red XIII. Red XIII dashes at a single enemy and his Hit Points and Magic Points are regained according to the opponent’s Magic Points. Stardust......

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...For hundreds of years game animals have been hunted throughout the world. Deer, elk, rabbit, squirrel, ducks, geese and wild turkeys are hunted in the United States. Unregulated hunting has seriously threatened some species of wildlife. Here are a few examples. Herds of buffalo that once numbered in the millions were nearly wiped out by hunters in the 19th century. They were killed for enjoyment and profit. By 1895 only 400 remained in the United States. In the west pronghorn and deer populations were nearly wiped out to feed the growing population. Some game birds such as the passenger pigeon were hunted to extinction. After all of these animal populations were decimated some people began to take notice. The general public caused some states to pass laws protecting some animals. The government also started to set aside land for national parks and wildlife refuges. In 1872 Ulysses S. Grant signed a bill that created Yellowstone National Park. This was the first ever national park. Several other national parks were created shortly after. Other laws were passed to set dates for hunting seasons and set bag limits. These laws also outlawed inhumane hunting methods. Once protected by laws and regulations game animals began to flourish. The spreading of human settlements also helped animals flourish. The settlers killed off predatory animals like wolves and grizzly bears. The animals that spread the most were elk and deer. These animals spread so rapidly that the area they were...

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When Is a Game No Longer a Game

...When is a Game No Longer a Game? Joel AJ Parker Northwood University Video games are becoming a huge part of a person’s life nowadays, especially children. It is no longer the world of board and card games. Many people would argue that video games do not allow a person to use their imagination. However, Will Wright would beg to differ. Wright believes that video games now allow a person to use their imagination to create their own scenarios and customize a “new life” within a game. However, I believe that he would agree that the video game world could be evolving to a point where they are no longer making “games”. There is a controversial online “game” that has the title of Second Life. Some might ask when a game stops being a game? What is the limit for reality in a video game or is there even a limit? There is a certain limit to the reality of a video game; it should no longer be a video game when a person can consider it their second life. Second Life is a computer game that is a virtual world. It allows the gamer to enter a world and design an avatar for the “game’s” virtual world. The game allows players to purchase land, property, cars, and clothing as well as other real life amenities. It is unlike other virtual worlds because it allows for the player to profit from the game; it seems to take over their actual life. Second Life allows the player to convert their “Linden Dollars” into cash via a PayPal account. They are allowed to sell their creations in the......

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... Issue  1,  pp.122-­‐128,  2013 THE IMPACT OF VIDEO GAMES ON STUDENT GPA, STUDY HABITS, AND TIME MANAGEMENT SKILLS: WHAT’S THE BIG DEAL? Jordan Weaver, Walsh University, Philip Kim, Walsh University, Richard L. Metzer, Robert Morris University, Julie M. Szendrey, Walsh University, ABSTRACT Playing video games has become one of the largest leisure activities in the world. This study examines the effects video games have on college students, their grade point averages, time management, and study habits. Existing literature has linked video game usage as being negatively correlated with each of these three variables. This research, using a sample of the undergraduate student population at a private university in northeast Ohio, found a statistically significant correlation between video game usage and grade point average. Statistically significant relationships were not found between video game usage and the variables of time management skills or study habits. It is important that college students are aware of these possible negative effects of video game usage on their academic performance. This research can serve as a foundation for future research on the impact of video game playing and student performance. Keywords: Videogames, GPA, Study Habits, Time Management Skills, Student Performance INTRODUCTION The video game industry has flourished to become the world’s......

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...Video Games First off, you would imagine how thrilled our team was to have to write a paper during the holidays, with a deadline just two days after the winter break, so we came up with a clever way to bypass all the research work needed and just start writing about things we already knew and also loved doing, in order to grasp a more subjective approach on the chosen topic. People often say that if you don’t truly believe in the things you are working on and don’t have fun whilst doing them, you won’t be successful in any of your endeavors. This means you have to work with passion, because the first person you are ultimately going to sell the idea of the finished product is yourself, and if you can’t fully embrace the concept, it’s going to be even harder to pitch it to someone else. That being said, we quickly searched for a topic that each member of our team could relate to, and also provide valuable insight upon his experience and personal preferences on the subject at hand. In the end we settled on the topic of video games, due to the wide variety available these days. Figure 1. Pacman machine Figure 1. Pacman machine The first ever commercially produced video games were arcade games back in the early ‘70s in the United States, and I think we all remember in movies those huge machines that took up quite a lot of space in pubs, where people could play games such as Pacman, Space Invaders or Donkey Kong. They were very successful and in fact,......

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...The Video Game Industry An Industry Analysis, from a VC Perspective Nik Shah T’05 MBA Fellows Project March 11, 2005 Hanover, NH The Video Game Industry An Industry Analysis, from a VC Perspective Authors: Nik Shah Tuck Class of 2005 Charles Haigh Tuck Class of 2005 • The video game industry is poised for significant growth, but many sectors have already matured. Video games are a large and growing market. However, within it, there are only selected portions that contain venture capital investment opportunities. Our analysis highlights these sectors, which are interesting for reasons including significant technological change, high growth rates, new product development and lack of a clear market leader. The opportunity lies in non-core products and services. We believe that the core hardware and game software markets are fairly mature and require intensive capital investment and strong technology knowledge for success. The best markets for investment are those that provide valuable new products and services to game developers, publishers and gamers themselves. These are the areas that will build out the industry as it undergoes significant growth. • A Quick Snapshot of Our Identified Areas of Interest • Online Games and Platforms. Few online games have historically been venture funded and most are subject to the same “hit or miss” market adoption as console games, but as this segment grows, an......

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