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Furmanite Service Company—A Multiple-Close Sequence

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1. Let me summarize what we have talked about. You have said that you like the money you will save by doing the repairs. You also like our response time in saving the flanges so that they can be rebuilt when needed. Finally, you like our three-year warranty on service. ---- Summary of benefits Close Is that right? ---- Trial Close

Gary, I suggest we get a crew in here and start repairing the leaks. What time do you want the crew here Monday? ---- Assumptive Close

Gary, it's very reliable.I did the same service for Mobil Chemical last year and we have notbeen back for warranty work. ---- Third party objection handling technique. Does that sound reliable to you? ----Trial close

I know you always make experienced, professional decisions, and I know that you think this is a sound and profitable service for your plant. Let me schedule a crew to be here next week or maybe in two weeks ---- Assumptive Close and Compliment Close

S.There must be a reason why you are still hesitating to go ahead now.Do you mind if I ask what it is? ---- Question 1 of five-question sequence method of overcoming objection
B.I just don't know if it is a sound decision
S.Is that the only thing bothering you? ---- Question 2 of five-question sequence
B.Yes, it is.
S.Just suppose you could convince yourself that it is a good decision.Then would you want to go ahead with the service? ---- Question 3 of five-question sequence
B.Yes, I would.
S.Gary, let me tell you what we have agreed upon so far.You like our on-line repair because of the cost you would save, you like our response time and the savings you would receive from the timely repair of the leaks, and you like our highly trained personnel and the warranty they enable us to…...

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