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Data Gathering Method

Evidence-based Practices in Corrections
Clarence S. Lasana
MGMT 568: Organizational Development & Change
Tarleton State University
Summer 2012

Cover letter

July 22, 2012

Dear Participants:

Mr. Robert, Sala,

Area Manager: The Hertz Corporation Austin Bergstrom International AP, Austin, Texas

Respected Mr. Robert Sala,

I am a student from Texas A&M University, Central Texas doing my MS in Management & Leadership, as per the Data Gathering project requirement I am conducting an Employee Satisfaction Survey on The Hertz Corporation at Austin, Texas.

The purpose of the Employee Satisfaction Survey is to gather data on the Hertz Corporation at Austin Bergstrom International Airport with the intention of solving employee relation problems.
This is a “Skip level” survey. This survey includes all employees and excludes all internal managers.

The survey will consist of open ended and close ended questions. The answers are expected to be answered with integrity as I use these answers to analyze the overall data. Once the analysis has been completed, the data will be kept confidential.


Mr. Lasana




Survey Introduction

During the spring of 2012, I Clarence Lasana noticed a lack of leadership within the Hertz Corporation at Austin Bergstrom International Airport. Thus, an analysis & questionnaire survey was conducted in order to assist employees with their concerns.

The Hertz Corporation at Austin Bergstrom International Airport is currently attempting to improve and develop their employees into leaders.

Obtaining feedback from employees of the hertz Corporation…...

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