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From Your Perspective as a User of Such Products, You Should Examine How Your Chosen Marketer Has ‘Serviced’ & Interacted with You as a Customer Using Your Understanding & Appreciation of Marketing, and the Extent to

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Justin cam out of his mommy's belly on March 1,1994 at 12:56am. He lived in Stratford,Ontario,Canada(where he spent most of his childhood).He attended Avon Public School,BedFord Public School,and Downie Central Public School,but ended up dropping out to be home schooled.Justin grew up as an only child and without his birth father Jeremy.His mom,Pattie,Used to help him out on his youtube account,Kidrauhl.But now his manadment is in charge for the channel.He's not a normal singer seeking for money n fame he has a lot of other talents in musical,sportive and others.He taught his self to play the guitar[which was the same size as him),He also taught his self to play the trumpet keyboard/piano.He started drumming at age 2 but didn't really learn till he was 4.Other then being a great musician he also has made videos demonstrating his soccer,hockey,basketball,and golf skills.And he also likes skateboarding.Justin got Discovered on Youtube by Scooter Braun,who contacted his family.He flew Justin to Atlanta,where he performed "U got it bad" by Usher.Usher wanted to sign him right then and there,but Justin also had a meeting with Justin Timberlake.But in the end Justin got signed with Def Jam."It turned out Usher's Deal was way better,"he says.On July 8,at age 14 Justin Moved to Brookhaven,Atlanta,Georgia,USA that way he could start his singing career.
Other Facts about Justin
-Justin is a dedicated Christian
-according to Pattie, music and sports are Justin's great passions. He dedicates most of his time to these.
-Justin is single
-Justin is left-handed
-the first instrument Justin learned to play was a drum kit. This is also the only instrument he has (had) lessons in.
-Justin was an only child and he grew up without his biological father.
-his best friend from Stratford, Ryan Butler, stars in Justin's "One Time" video
-Justin has a dog called Sam
-he started singing at age 12, entered a competition and made it to second place.
-he is fluent in French
-he used to play hockey for the Atlanta Knights (before going on tour). He was #18
-he is homeschooled
-according to Pattie, Justin works very hard to keep up with his full-time job and school work.
-he has stated that he misses his friends in Stratford, but likes the big city as well
-Usher introduced him to LA tastemakers in April 2009 and called him Def Jam's priority
-he is said to suffer from migraine at times due to all his hard work
-he initially posted videos on YouTube for friends and family but when people started to subscribe to them, he posted more
-on his original MySpace, Justin stated that he wants to go to the school of ministry someday and travel the world to spread the word of God.
-movies Justin enjoys: the Rocky series, August Rush, Drumline, Saving Private Ryan, Cars, Step Up, You Got Served, Guardian
-artists he likes: Usher, Michael Jackson,Ne-Yo, Chris Brown, some 2Pac, Rascall Flatts, Elliott Yamin, Billy Talent, Lifehouse, T-bone
-television series he enjoys watching: American Idol, Greys Anatomy, Smallville
-supports the Cleveland Cavaliers
-says his mom's got horrible driving skills
-says he doesn't like school despite having a 4.0 grade point average
-he has a little sister,Jazmine and baby brother, Jaxon
-can solve a completely scrambled Rubic's Cube in less than 2 minutes
-stated that he originally wanted to become a hockey player, incorporating his number (#6) in his signature. -When he got into the singing business he kept his old signature with the #6 in it.
-wore huge black glasses on KissFM, but they were only used as a prop: he does not need them to see
-his tutor travels with him.
-says algebra is his best subject
-he's really into videogames. He owns a PS3 and an Xbox360
-his favorite drink is vitamin water
-his favorite food is spaghetti
-his favorite color is baby blue
-his favorite number is 6
-he likes cherry cheese cake
-his favourite hockey team are the Maple Leafs
-his favorite candy is sour patch kids
-his favorite cereal is captain crunch

About his parent's:


-aged 34 (birthday April 2)
-graduated from Juliet School and North Western High School, both in Stratford
-owns a small webdesign and computer training company
-enjoys singing

-nickname is Lordrauhl-lives in Winnipeg
-loves sports (especially boxing), the outdoors, fishing, travelling, camping and boating
-plays the guitar…...

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