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The Relevance of: Buddhism, Confucianism,
Taoism, Shinto on Asian behavior

I)The principles of Buddhism

Buddha = Awaken, enlightenment, wise man.
Last reincarnation into our world: Siddhartha Gautama (SG) 563 – 483 BC obtained the perfect knowledge. All of us can reach the enlightenment.
Buddhism is not articulated around the idea of a god, but it does not denied the existence of one. Human situation is supreme because we are today what we were before and what we will be tomorrow.

DHARMA:It is based on the reasonning and the experience of each person, it is the key to inner peace and enlightenment. If you take actions → results. (ne pas oublier les conséquences)


NIRVANA: is the objective of every Buddhist and to do so there are the 4 noble truths and the 8 fold paths. There are 2 other concepts: -Samsara: Perpetual life circle don't fear (reincarnation) -Karma: all the actions in our lives (positive and negative, it depends of the good or the evil of the action.)

II)Confucius wisdom
The society of humanism and the wisdom of Confucius 551 – 479 BC focused on man as individual therefore the teaching concentrating on a concept. Jun Xi which literally means the son of a sovereign, must achieve a good behavior which does not imply a perfect goodness but involve the goodness of a man to another.
In business: Team Spirit

The relationship between members of the family and the society is crucial. Loyalty is very important to, as learning, experience etc..
He also developed the cult of the ancestors.”Moderation in everything is an excess in itself”

III)Taoism and the way
Lao Tse was a contemporary of Buddha and Confucius 603 – 531 BC. He was the forerunner (précurseur) of anarchism because many people consider that his ideas are based on a spontaneous natural order. In opposition to Confucius whose ideas are based on social…...

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