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Formulating Questions
Grand Canyon University: EDA-577
Data – Driven Decisions for School Improvement
May 4, 2011

School improvement teams and school improvement plans are developed and utilized to increase achievement levels of individual students and the school as a whole. Many schools today are facing diverse student populations, therefore making it difficult for the school to reach and maintain AYP on state assessments. When schools fail to meet AYP for three consecutive years, they move from being a school in good standing to a school in need of improvement. That is the problem that Jefferson Elementary School is currently facing. Jefferson has remained a school in good standing by using the safe harbor scoring, but has failed to reach AYP for the ELL subgroup of students. If Jefferson is not able to correct this situation and meet AYP requirements, they run the risk of being cited. The following chart depicts a school improvement plan that shows how Jefferson Elementary can potentially correct the issue of ELL students not meeting AYP requirements on NYS ELA Assessments. The ELL subgroup has been able to reach and maintain AYP on the NYS Math Assessments, but it is crucial that they continue to do so. The following proposed plan identifies and highlights necessary questions, objectives, resources, professional development, and strategies to ensure that the ELL subgroup makes AYP on the 2011 NYS assessments. Jefferson school currently funds their AIS services using Title 1 funding. Because Jefferson School, as many schools across the country, are faced with severe budget cuts the improvement plan is designed to increase student achievement without any additional funding. All existing school resources, professional staff, and external community resources, such as a representative from the refugee center, will be utilized and professional…...

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