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Formal Outline Example
NOTE: This is a persuasion speech that is approximately 15 minutes long. It is a speech on a question of fact. It is presented to you as an example of what a formal outline should look like. Your formal outlines will be appropriate to the assignment, including type of speech and length.

Topic: Cultural Behaviors
General Purpose: To persuade
Specific Purpose: To persuade my audience that cultural values are enacted through nonverbal behavior
Central Idea: That the macroenvironment of culture is reflected in the microenvironment, specifically that the behaviors of spatial cues, eye contact, and verbal behavior reflect the co-cultural values of the dominant U.S. culture and women.

I. Attention-gaining opening: Keiko and Sarah
II. Definition: Samovar and Porter
III. General focus: different world views, beliefs and values
IV. Review
Thesis: There is a connection between culture, gender and nonverbal behaviors
Transition: First let me explain how our cultural values are enacted through our communicative behaviors

I. The microenvironment is reflected in the microenvironment.
A. The microenvironment is our culture

1. One primary value in America is independence
a. sense of self comes from ourselves
b. we learn through family, institutions, proverbs: "you've made your bed, now sleep"

2. A primary value for Japan is interdependency
a. sense of self comes from the group
b. proverbs: "The nail which sticks up gets hit" and "When there are three people present there will be a great idea."

3. A secondary value both Americans and Japanese have is education, but value it differently

B. The microenvironment is the communication situation
Transition: It is this interplay of values that determines the behaviors. The behaviors are enacted by how the values fit together. This is seen on the international…...

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