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Ford Financial Analysis

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Ford Motor Co

Industry: Automobile (Auto Manufacturers – Major)
Sector: Consumer Goods

Products and Services:

Ford Motor Company primarily develops, manufactures, distributes, and services vehicles and parts worldwide.

Ford operates in two sectors:
• The Automotive sector: Offers vehicles primarily under the Ford ( and Lincoln ( brand names. This sector markets cars, trucks, and parts through retail dealers in North America, and through distributors and dealers outside of North America. It also sells cars and trucks to dealers for sale to fleet customers, including daily rental car companies, commercial fleet customers, leasing companies, and governments. In addition, this sector provides retail customers with a range of after-sale vehicle services and products in the areas, such as maintenance and light repair, heavy repair, collision repair, vehicle accessories, and extended service contracts under the Ford Service, Lincoln Service, Ford Custom Accessories, Ford Extended Service Plan, and Motorcraft brand names.
• The Financial Services sector: offers various automotive financing products to and through automotive dealers. It offers retail financing, which includes retail installment contracts for new and used vehicles; direct financing leases; wholesale financing products that comprise loans to dealers to finance the purchase of vehicle inventory; loans to dealers to finance working capital, purchase real estate dealership, and/or make improvements to dealership facilities; and other financing products, as well as provides insurance services.

Company’s financial position

PE Ratio

SORL Auto Parts 2.80
2 GM
General Motors Company 5.05
3 F
Ford Motor Company 7.01
Honda Motor 15.51
Chicago Rivet & Machine 19.18

Dividend Yield

Chicago Rivet & Machine 2.80%

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