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Brigade Support Company and Force Health Protection for COPs

The Brigade Support Medical Company plays a variety of roles in its scope of work. This paper seeks to discuss and identify the manner in which the Brigade Support Medical Company can offer Force Health Protection to outlying COPs. The main roles of the company are that: they act as a unit level medical care; and they offer basic primary health care as per the Army Healthcare System and support to all BCT units that operate within the AO of the brigade (Menter, 148). The company also plays the above two roles on al BCT units that lack organic medical assets. The BSMC is led by a commander who leads supervision of the attached and organic medical augmentation elements. The company locates and sets up its headquarters from where it can offer services. This paper will outline the operations of the BSMC in line with provision of Force Health Protection to outlying COPs.

The department of defense in the United States defines force heath protection as al activities and services that are provided, performed, and arranged by the services seeking to promote, conserve, improve, or restore the physical or mental well-being of the army personnel in different places and serving in the army (Wood, 59). Force Health Protection involves activities like, but not limited to, management of all resources in health care such as personnel, monies, and health facilities; offering curative and preventive health facilities; evacuating any wounded persons as well as the sick or injured; selecting those that are medically fit to continue serving and disposing of those that have been declared medically unfit; and managing blood as well as supplying medical equipment and the subsequent maintenance of such equipment and maintaining medicine stock levels. Also, force health…...

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