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When partaking in this survey, will you please consider all types of club merchandise in your thinking i.e. Car accessories, bedroom décor/ accessories, memorabilia, mugs, car stickers etc. NOT just Football shirts.

1. Has the success of your chosen club ever affected your merchandise buying behaviour? (i.e. trophy success, new signings?)


2. Does the purchasing of merchandise make you feel more involved in your club? (Closer to the club? Part of something bigger?)


3. If you are a supporter that purchases replica shirts or crested leisure wear, In what circumstances do you wear the product? 1) Matchday 2) At home 3) to the shops 4) to the gym

A) 1 & 2

NOT FOR PARTICIPANTS NOTICE: if the indiviual wears the garment at leisure as well as at matches and at home, I can begin to determine whether there is a trend between people who purchase a new shirt every season and how often they wear it

4. Do you believe that the marketing techniques of your football club has ever persuaded you to purchase merchandise? (i.e. Kit Unveilings, advertising, sales?) No

5. When purchasing club merchandise, how often is the product for your personal use?

A) Never
B) Rarely
C) Sometimes
D) Most of the time

6. Have you ever bought Club Merchandise as a gift for somebody other than yourself? If Yes: When/why do you buy it?

A) Football Club Merchandise is a ‘safe’ option B) I will only purchase products when an individual specifically asked for an item

7. Which type of fan do you see yourself as?

* A) Temporary – committed only as long as the team is winning * B) Local – Support the team because it represents your town/city * C) Devoted (a sense of self) – Significantly more loyal than the two above.…...

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...Football is a game played with a oval ball, where two teams compete to kick, carry or throw the ball into the others’ end-zone or territory. It has very interesting and extensive history, and there are a lot of other factors needed to be a great football player. A player that I look up to and strive to be like is LaDainian Tomlinson. The first open-air game of football took place in 1409. In the past there were a lot of things you could do that you couldn’t today, for example during present time if you pull someone by their facemask you will get punished by facing a ten yard penalty. If this act happened about 40 years ago a simple slap on the wrist would be enough punishment. Due to the very physical nature of this sport, football can be very dangerous. History shows players would cut off certain body parts if it would cause them so to not miss a game, people were hitting so hard sometimes they would pass out or get brain damage. A good football player needs talent, perseverance, and drive. A good football player needs the determination to push through the line, to get to the quarterback, to get to the end-zone, to keep the play alive, to not let their man get pass them. A good football player will be able to play any position his coach puts him in and play it to the best of their ability. A player with those skills that I know of is, LaDainian Tomlinson. Tomlinson was born on June23, 1979 in Rosebud, Texas and is a free agent in the National Football League or [NFL]....

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