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Fly Ash Brick

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Fly Ash Brick Project Details
Key features of the Fly Ash Brick project  Cost of Project     Cost is INR 70 Lakhs Land cost not included in this Value. It includes Installation cost and equipment cost. Equipment cost approximately INR 25 Lakhs.

 Land Required  1-2 Acre Per Plant

 Type of Raw material  Basic row material for fly ash bricks plant such as       

Fly Ash Lime Gypsum Cement Sand Stone Dust Down Metal

 Consumption of Row Material  Rated - 59 Ton per shift

Mayank Patel Call : 91 9662910224

Manish Kharti Call : 91 9737689393

 Generation  Generation per 8 hour = 18400 Units  If Plant works for 24 Hours a day  Generation per day = 3 * 18400 = 55200 Units  Generation Per Year  For 1st Year = 16560000 Units  From IInd Year onwards = 17280000 Units  Unit Drawing :

 Cost of Generation  Cost of Fly Ash Brick produced is INR 1.7 to INR 2.7 /- per unit including all. Its depends as on type’s of production been used.  INR 1.7 to INR 2.7 /- per unit Cost has been calculated taking into account Production as well as operation and maintenance, Interest, depreciation, cost of raw material and transportation cost.

 Buy back tariff  Form Buyer INR 3.7 – INR 4.2, varies based on the location/time.

Mayank Patel Call : 91 9662910224

Manish Kharti Call : 91 9737689393

 Earnings  Production per day * Rate of Purchase  If Plant works for 24 Hours a day Generation per day = 55200 Units  The Tariff at which Buyer would buy Brick produced by Fly Ash is INR 3.7 per Unit.   Total Earning per day = INR 55200 * INR 3.7 = INR 2,04,240

 Total cost of Generation INR 2.7 per Unit  Total Generation cost for a day   INR 55200 * INR 2.7 INR 1,49,040

 Net Earning = INR 2,04,240 – INR 1,49,040 INR 55,200  Project commissioning time  2 - 4 month.  Payback period  18 months from commissioning and operation of the project  Warranty  1 Year  Maintenance cost  1.5% of the project cost till five years.

Mayank Patel Call : 91 9662910224

Manish Kharti Call : 91 9737689393

 CDM Benefit
 Will be avail after one year from commissioning & testing of Plant. This is for every Year

 Subsidy  To be provided by Nationalized Bank after submission of DPR.  Financing  100% money required from you by Loan or Cash.  Plant Drawing :


Mayank Patel Call : 91 9662910224

Manish Kharti Call : 91 9737689393…...

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