Flowers in the Attic

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Flowers in the Attic
Wendy Lupton
ENG 225 Introduction to Film
Jonathan Beller
March 25, 2012

Flowers in the Attic
The movie in this essay will be on the 1987 movie the Flowers in the Attic by Jeffrey Bloom. It is a movie where you will feel very suspenseful with all the drama that is happening to the children and what their mother does to stop it. Their grandmother treat’s them very awful when their mother is not home.
The story of the Flowers in the Attic is four children that fight to survive when slowly forgotten about by their mother played by Victoria Tennant. The mother of four children, who loses her husband and father of the kids, returns to her mother’s mysterious family mansion hoping to regain the love from her father to receive an inheritance. But when the children are imprisoned and abandoned by their evil grandmother, the children must find a way to survive a nightmare of brutal cruelty, forbidden passion and final shocking discovery that will shatter their innocence forever. The children consist of Chris, Cathy, and the two younger children, Cory and Carrie. Little do the children know, their mother has essentially given them over to their abusive, religiously-fanatical grandmother (played by Oscar winner Louise Fletcher), and they are locked away in the attic and kept there, while their health deteriorates and they are abused constantly. All the while, their evil mother conspires to receive the inheritance from her own dying father, and plans on starting a completely new life with another man - even if it means murder.
This film has method acting in it. The Method requires that actors draw on their own memories and experiences to reach the heart of a character, so that they more genuinely feel the emotions they’re portraying instead of just pretending to (Goodykoontz,B. & Jacobs, C. 2011).…...

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