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Term Paper On
Role of the Pythagoras in the field of mathematics
Business Mathematics code Submitted By
Team Harmony 1. Faisal Enayet (B1506003) 2. HafijulHasan (B1506007) 3. Plato Khisa (B1506035) 4. FarhanajAnchal (B1506075) 5. K.HusFariha (B1506120) 6. SumaiyaMeher(B1506155)

Submitted To
Business Mathematics
Bangladesh University of Professionals

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Date: 02/05/2016
BBA 2015; SEC- C

02 may 2016
Akter Kamal
Faculty of Business Studies
Bangladesh University of Professionals
Subject: Submission of term paper on “The role of Pythagoras in the field of mathematics”

Respected Sir,
We the students of BBA, section C, we are very glad to submit you the term paper on the topic of “The role of Pythagoras in the field of mathematics” that you asked us to submit, which is a part of our course requirement. For the purpose of completing the term paper we did a simple research on the provided topic. We have completed our research and assessment on our term paper topic according to your specification and regulation.
We have tried our best to gather information according to the requirements and our ability. There may be a few mistakes, because we are still beginner in this line of work but we hope that in future this term paper will remind us not to make the same mistakes again and so this will become a great learning in experience.
At last, we would like to thank to you for guiding and encouraging us to prepare the Term Paper.
Sincerely yours, 1. Faisal Enayet (B1506003) 2. Hafijul Hasan (B1506007) 3. Munia Akter(B1506031) 4. Plato Khisa (B1506035) 5. Farhanaj Anchal (B1506075) 6. Khaleda Husna Fariha (B1506120) 7. Sumaiya Meher(B1506155)


Any accomplishment requires the effort of many people and we can’t deny…...

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