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Job openings in Finance
Financial Analyst
Job Description
This job is a position for a financial analyst at “RSM Richter Consulting Inc.”. This position is based in Montreal, but the company’s engagements are carried out in the U.S. mostly.
Skills and Knowledge Requirements: * Solid knowledge of finance and a grasping background in Microsoft Excel * Title of a CA or a CPA * At least three years of experience in financial audit * Fluency in English * Good team spirit and communication skills

Profitability and Margin Analyst
Job Description
A job at Quantum Montreal that needs someone to be an integral part of a financial team with responsibilities covering margin analysis, evaluation of profitability, forecast analysis and presentation of results and recommendations to top management.
Skills and Knowledge Requirements: * Bachelor’s degree in Accounting or Finance * More than 3 years of experience in Finance and 3 years in a similar position * Advanced skills in financial modeling using Excel * Bilingualism in French and English, written and spoken * Strong analytical and communication skills * Ability to prioritize

Financial Controller
Job Description:
The job incumbent will be reporting to the finance director as part of the Finance team. He will be actively involved in all accounting activities, treasury operations and tax management.
Skills and Knowledge Requirements: * University degree in accounting or finance * Professional accounting designation * 4 to 5 years of relevant experience, within a large accounting firm or within a multinational organization…...

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