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The novel “Octopus” is tells of a conflict that is between wheat ranchers and the Pacific Southwestern Railroad (P&SW). The novel having been set under California context, Frank Norris, the author of the novel, has used various characters in the novel that depict the true nature of Americans. There are various characters that depict or represent the nature and mindset of Americans as depicted in the novel. This paper shall use Presley, a character in the book, to explain how he represents the nature of Americans in his personality as depicted in the book. Presley is the poet who is visiting the ranch which is owned by one powerful Magnus Derrick. Presley is true representation of the nature of Americans because of his ambition in life. Presley is a very determined poet who is strongly guided by his strong will and desire to write a poem. The novel depicts Presley as a dreamer and an ambitious person. Even when Presley meets people on his way with their stories of misfortunes, Presley remains focused and strongly grilled to his dream of composing a poem. The nature of Presley being ambitious and having a dream goal makes him have an American character (Kerrigan & Michael, 120). Americans in the country and also those in Diaspora have strong ambitious nature. Americans are known for their “dreaming” character and their strong will and desire to succeed in various objectives they have in life. The nature of Americans is that they like being driven by specific objectives and goals in life. Presley in the novel is one ambitious guy who is not swayed or influenced by the happenings in the surroundings to abandon his dream of wanting to compose a poem (Kerrigan & Michael,…...

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