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This week I read a article with the title – the world water decade. Everyone knows that water is really necessary for life. We all can survive for 2 or 3 days without water. The 1980s named the World Water Decade by the United Nations with the hope of providing pure water for every household by 1990. Three-fourth of the Earth’s surface is covered by water. However, 97.4% of it is salt water and cannot be used. The water frozen in glaciers and in the great polar ice caps holds 75% of the Earth’s fresh water. We most use water coming from rivers, lakes and the atmosphere and it just 1 percent of Earth’s water. The water distribution is also a problem because it is not equal for every area. There are three kind of water use – domestic; agricultural; and industrial. Over half of the world population is in living condition without pure drinking water. 75% of city people have safe water, while only 29% of rural people do. And most of all illness related to bad water. In some area, women delaying their domestic work and children staying home from school carry water. The UN tries to create water systems that people can afford so that it can be popular. UNICEF, the World Bank, other organizations are helping. Local, national and international organizations must all work together to improve the quality of life of millions of people with pure water.

Everyone needs water for life. However, people donot care much about the importance of pure water. With the industrial development, water is easy to be polluted by people low awareness. Living in the delta, we cannot experience water lack as in deserts. Maybe while we are relaxing lying in a hot bathtub, someone somewhere is lack of drinking water. Not only water, everything we take or have is a miracle of life. We should use it with a respect. Our ancestor had a saying “when drinking water, remember its…...

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