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Different Culture 1. Korean and Western Culture
In Korea it’s important addressing someone by their title or job positions. People in the company call each other by their job position, while Westerns use first name or Mr., Mrs., Ms., with family name for respect. In Korea, title indicates status, so if someone is addressed in a way that is not suitable for his age or position, he or she may be offended and feel they are being talked to as inferior. In Western culture, people can be friends with whomever they want, while in Korea you can only call someone your friend if he or she is the same age as you. In Western culture, people keep in mind the age difference and give respect where it is due, but nevertheless they are free to befriend anyone they please.
In the Korean work environment, to be in a higher position than someone older than you is difficult because age is very important. To be young and in a higher position than someone older puts you in a predicament because you are not able to conduct yourself as that person’s senior as they may think there’s nothing to learn from you or you have no authority to lead them because you are younger. In western cultures, positions in the workplace are more respected than here. 2. Difficulties
One of Indian friend that I know he explained about his life in S. Korea. Here some examples:
- Fixed method in work place. In other words, they will not encourage creative ways to do work. For example, in making Power Point or Word his boss has certain method, I must follow that. If he is not following that he will get scolded and the words will be very rude.
In this situation employee can’t satisfy from his job and don’t perform well in a good way as he want.
- Suppose, if he take a Korean colleague’s help I have to buy him food or coffee or a drink. This is never happen in Indian culture. Casually I will buy…...

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