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1. Introduction 2. Hardware 3. Software 4. Website 5. Social media 1. Fedex Weblogs 2. Fedex on Youtube 3. Fedex on Facebook 4. Fedex on Twitter 1. Conclusion and recommendations

Federal Express (FedEx) is one of the worlds leading transportation companies. In today's globalized economy goods need to be moved from one end of the world to the other just as fast as emails are sent and received. However, unfortunately this is not possible and it is FedEx’s job to deliver packages and goods as fast as possible in order to satisfy its customers. In order to do this the company prides itself on having some of the most technologically advanced systems in the transportation industry, which allows them to move goods faster, and more reliable than its competitors. The company has always valued technology; in 1975, just five years after it was founded it pioneered the first automated customer service center. Having such a vast portfolio of operating companies, FedEx Ground is the topic of concentration throughout this report. FedEx Ground has a purple and Green FedEx logo. A leader in small-package ground shipping, offering their services to business and residential customers throughout the U.S and Canada. With their efficient use of technology they can move goods around the U.S overnight or up to 7 business days. However, they can ship goods cross border Between Canada and the U.S in 2-7 business days – also the case for all Canadian shipments. The major technological aspects of FedEx Ground will be analyzed: hardware, software, website, and social media presence. However, it is important to note that due to FedEx’s extremely technologically integrated system many aspects that that pertain to FedEx Ground is also used in other divisions of the…...

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