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The Rise and Fall of the British West Indian Federation
HIS 371
Dr. Keith Tinker, Ph.D.
April 16, 2015
Lashawn Brown

The Rise and fall of the British West Indian Federation can be better understood, if we first understood the history of how the British came to occupy the Caribbean. To do this let us first focus on what was before and what eventually came to be. With that being said, this is an informative essay that is an attempt to discuss the plight of the British colonies in the Caribbean in terms of the rise and fall of the ‘West Indies Federation’ and its future replacements CARIFTA and CARICOM because of the Federation’s failure. This was all done in an effort to propel West Indian nations from colonialism to self-governance and economic self-sufficiency.
There was no significance to the Caribbean until the year 1492, when Christopher Columbus set sail to the east on behalf of his country Spain. Columbus set sail in search of wealth, specifically gold and a better trading channel between Spain, China and Japan. His mother land Spain, was at that time, one of the four principal European powers to colonize the Caribbean by the early seventeenth century. The other three principal powers were the Dutch, the British and the French. While on his journey, which should have been easterly, Christopher Columbus somehow ended up in the west where he stumbled upon some islands; his search for the country in the East was unsuccessful. On the islands, situated in the west, he found natives which he called, “Indians”; most of them met their death through war and disease brought on by the Spaniards. In addition to this, because the islands were found in the west, he decided to call the area the “West Indies”. Columbus did not find what he set out to get as mentioned earlier because the natives did not have gold or anything of value that could be sold or traded…...

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