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An Introduction to FBCCI and Its Contribution to Business in Bangladesh

A Term Paper

|Group : ……….. |
|Roll : 3-11-21-052 |: |Abul Kalam Azad |
|Roll : 3-11-21-055 |: |Narayan Chandra Saha |
|Roll : 3-11-21-061 |: |Manash Kumar Adhikary |
|Roll : 3-11-21-066 |: |Mir Zahid Hasan |
|Roll : 3-11-21- |: | |

Submitted to Mrs. Rumana Parveen
Course Instructor
Course No. EM 501: Introduction to Business

In Partial Fulfillment of the Requirement for the Degree of
Master in Business Administration in
Management Studies

The Martyrs
Freedom Fighters
Our Beloved Motherland


First of all, we thank specifically to our course instructor Mrs. Rumana Parveen for the guidance, assistance and direction she provided us for the completion of this term paper.

This term paper was made possible with the assistance of a number of websites at where various information regarding of the FBCCI was found. We thank the kind assistance offered to us by the officials of the computer center of the Department of Management Studies.

Finally, it’s a team effort of all the members of our group. We sincerely express our…...

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...15th Batch Department of Marketing Our heartiest thanks to all of the people who helped us a lot in terms of completion of this report before, during, and after the working period. Now we would like to acknowledge the Almighty, who helped us every time and was with us and gave us moral support and strength every moment. We are especially grateful to our honorable course teacher Dr.Samir Kumer Sheel for giving us valuable suggestions and support to prepare this report. Without her advice and support, it would not be possible for us to prepare this report. Especially, we express our thanks to Mr Motafa Ibrahim. for helping us by giving us information to complete the report. We are also grateful to all the officials of CPD and FBCCI for their support and cooperation. Last but not least we express our gratitude to the all the individuals who have helped us directly or indirectly by giving information or inspiration to complete this report. Table of Contents Sl. No Details Page No 1 Executive Summary 01 2 Introduction 2.1 Origin of the report 02 2.2 Objective 02 2.3 Methodology 03 2.4 Limitations 03 3 Findings 04 05 06 10 3.1 Key Features Of Investment 3.2 Economic Overview of Bangladesh 3.3 Bangladesh economy: at a glance 3.4 Competitive advantages 3.5 Investment opportunities in Bangladesh 14 3.6 Drawbacks of......

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...participants in FGD & PW in Chittagong Division List of participants in FGD & PW in Rajshahi Division List of participants in FGD & PW in Khulna Division List of participants in FGD & PW in Barisal Division List of participants in FGD & PW in Sylhet Division Report on Planning Workshop Discussions in Dhaka Division Report on Planning Workshop Discussions in Chittagong Division Report on Planning Workshop Discussions in Rajshahi Division Report on Planning Workshop Discussions in Khulna Report on Planning Workshop Discussions in Barisal Report on Planning Workshop Discussions in Sylhet Report on the Dissemination Seminar on the Study 240 241 242 243 244 245 246 255 264 274 283 293 ACRONYMS BBS BEPZA BSCIC BSTI BWCCI DFID DIG DOE EA EPB FBCCI GDP GO GOB IBM ICT IWTA JUA MIDAS MOWA MOC MOI MSME NASCIB NBFI NBR NGO RAB SME SMEF SWOT UCEP VAT WE WEA WEAB WISE Bangladesh Bureau of Statistics Bangladesh Export Processing Zone Bangladesh Small and Cottage Industries Corporation Bangladesh Standard Testing Institute Bangladesh Women Chamber of Commerce & Industry Department for International Development Deputy Inspector General Department of Environment Enumeration Area Export Promotion Bureau Federation of Bangladesh Chambers of Commerce and Industry Gross Domestic Product Government Organization Government of Bangladesh Institute of Business Management Information and Communication Technology Inland Water Transport Authority Jubo Unnayan Adhidapter (Directorate of Youth......

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