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Since the start of the 21st century, a new phenomenon has emerged in the fashion world. Fashion Bloggers take their form in street style photography, documenting their daily “looks” and interest online, primarily through social media, for the entire world to see. Many are quickly becoming the most influential members of the industry. Amateur photographers with intriguing styles have kicked the doors of the once exclusive fashion world open and draw in millions of readers and viewers, democratizing the industry, showing that even the average can claim a stake in the paramount. Fashion bloggers have become the new faces of this generation, with many of their blogs and social media feeds garnering more followers than celebrities do. Representation is the act of speaking for or acting on behalf of others and one of the greatest sources of representation in the fashion world are bloggers, as they have an extraordinary impact on the business wherein both designers and consumers now look to them for representation of the masses.
In “Conspicuous and Authentic”, Marwick defines fashion blogging as “an international subculture comprised primarily of young women who post pictures of themselves, swap fashion tips, sell vintage clothes and review couture collections… [participating] in the global flow of consumption while simultaneously producing fashion media which is read worldwide” (1). Bloggers, in a sense represent more than just themselves, they represent their readers and the brands they wear. They have value as they are part of “the scene”. In “Modeling Consumption”, Wissinger states that models “work to present themselves in the know, as part of a community, an important player in the field” (284), bloggers do the same thing and are valued for these attributes by their fans. Bloggers have become the signifiers of fashion, by taking both designer and non-designer…...

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