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Impact of changing bridal selection criteria on Women ' s empowerment in Bangladesh

A Dissertation by Shegufta Yasmin
I D 05362001

Approved hy:

Dr. Ferdous Jahan
Academic Coordinator
BRAC Development Institute, BRAC University


Professor Syed M. Hashemi
BRAC Development Institute
BRAC University


1. Shegufta Yasmin bearing ID 05362001 am expressing my heart full gratitude to Almighty
Allah for giving me the capability to complete this dissertation successfully. Next I am cordially grateful to Dr. Ferdous Jahan. Development Studies Program, BRAC University for her sincere help to give me a chance to complete my dissertation. Without her support it was impossible for me to complete this dissertation.

A woman I girl is usually it burden for it family in our country . Generally no mother or father feels happy if they give birth of a baby girl. Then and then they start to do worry for the baby if it is not have fair skin colour . Parents start thinking of its marriage . This is the scenario of it girl.
An infant also has to suffer for her beauty. A girl's journey starts just after her birth . In it teenage a girl can understand her parent ' s tension for her marriage . She starts to suffer in inferiority complex or superiority complex for her complexion etc. Both are harmful . Its like a poison for it girl's mind that she thinks herself outcast only for her physical beauty . On the contrary she starts losing her psychological beauty. I f it woman is only preparing herself for being it perfect bride according to the demands of in-laws. she cannot he empowered . Women's empowerment depends on their education . thoughts , economical independence etc. In this study newspaper advertisement of a long period of almost thirty years is covered to see the changes in groom's…...

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