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Humanitarian supply chain refers to the network created through the flow of supplies, services, finances and information between donors, beneficiaries, suppliers and different units of humanitarian organizations for the purpose of providing physical aid to beneficiaries (Mentzer et al. 2001) .
Due to changing nature of disasters and improving early warning systems, humanitarian supply chain is considered a mission critical application (MCA) supply chain because lives are involved. The cost of delay in responding to a disaster is costly and therefore less attention is paid to the financial implications as compared to the commercial supply chain and thus fast response becomes imperative.
Logistics is central for effective and efficient humanitarian assistance to be provided and the operation of humanitarian supply chains has a massive impact on quality and speed of the assistance to be provided. In addition, logistics activities (from purchasing to the last-mile delivery of items) account for a very large share of the cost in a disaster relief operation. Positive improvement on humanitarian supply chain logistics has a great potential in delivering huge positive impact for people affected by disasters.
Aim of Report
The aim of this report is to critically assess the administration and delivery Humanitarian Supply Chain scenario (i.e. aid to victims of natural disaster by aid agencies around the world) and to look at challenges in using technologies in managing sustainable supply chain response.
Objective of the Report
The objective of this report includes the following: 1. To assess a typical humanitarian supply chain scenario for a natural disaster highlighting the key issues and challenges faced. 2. To assess the role of stakeholders and local involvement in disaster assessment and management. 3. To assess innovative applications…...

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