Explain the Concept of Human Resources Management and Discuss the Role of Human Resources Management Function in an Organisation

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1. Explain the concept of human resources management and discuss the role of human resources management function in an organisation.

According to Bratton and Gold (1999:11) Human resources management is described as the process that specialises in the management of people in work organisations. Human resources management emphasis that employees are critical in achieving sustainable competitive advantage, that human resources practices need to be integrated with the corporate strategy. Human resources specialist helps organisational controllers to meet both the efficiency and equity strategic objective.
Human resources management seeks to achieve two sets of objectives which are to improve employee’s performance and enhance organisational efficiency. The major role of human resources management in an organisation is the hiring and firing of employees which involves attracting the best employees on the market, keeping them in their positions and ensuring that they perform according to the organisational expectation and enhance overall strategic goals of the organisation.

Recruitment of employees is the major role performed by the human resources department. This ensures that the organisation selects the most skilful and competent people. This role involves evaluation of the ability and competence of potential employees in relation to the goal of the organisation.

Human resources Management is an approach to management of people based on four principles. First the Human resources are the most important asserts in any organisation and their effective management is the key to its success. Secondly this success is mostly going to be achieved if the personal policies and procedures of the organisation are closely linked and make major contribution to the achievement…...

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