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DATE MSFT % per month 100 20040130 1.023 1% 101.023 20040227 -4.0506 -4% 96.93096 20040331 -6.0309 -6% 91.08515 20040430 4.8135 5% 95.46954 20040528 0.3827 0% 95.8349 20040630 8.883 9% 104.3479 20040730 -0.2451 0% 104.0922 20040831 -3.8961 -4% 100.0366 20040930 1.2821 1% 101.3192 20041029 1.1573 1% 102.4918 20041130 6.8645 7% 109.5273 20041231 -0.3357 0% 109.1596 20050131 -1.6467 -2% 107.3621 20050228 -3.9574 -4% 103.1133 20050331 -3.9348 -4% 99.05604 20050429 4.6752 5% 103.6871 20050531 2.2925 2% 106.0641 20050630 -3.7209 -4% 102.1176 20050729 3.0998 3% 105.283 20050831 7.2237 7% 112.8884 20050930 -6.0263 -6% 106.0854 20051031 -0.1166 0% 105.9617 20051130 8.0156 8% 114.4551 20051230 -5.5275 -6% 108.1286 20060131 7.6482 8% 116.3985 20060228 -4.2273 -4% 111.478 20060331 1.2653 1% 112.8885 20060428 -11.2459 -11% 100.1932 20060531 -5.8385 -6% 94.34343 20060630 2.8698 3% 97.0509 20060731 3.2618 3% 100.2165 20060831 7.1904 7% 107.4225 20060929 6.4202 6% 114.3192 20061031 4.9726 5% 120.0038 20061130 2.6123 3% 123.1387 20061229 1.703 2% 125.2358 20070131 3.349 3% 129.4299 20070228 -8.3927 -8% 118.5672 20070330 -1.065 -1% 117.3045 20070430 7.4273 7% 126.0171 20070531 2.8393 3% 129.5951 20070629 -3.9756 -4% 124.4429 20070731 -1.6288 -2% 122.416 20070831 -0.5519 -1% 121.7403 20070928 2.5409 3% 124.8336 20071031 24.9491 25% 155.9785




YHOO 4.3304 -5.6194 9.3144 4.25 21.3537 18.7215 -15.3846 -7.4351 18.9407 6.7237 3.9514 0.1595 -6.5552 -8.3499 5.0511 1.7699 7.8261 -6.8548 -3.7807 -0.06 1.5606 9.2494 8.818 -2.61 -12.2639 -6.7345 0.6238 1.6119 -3.6303 4.4634 -17.7576 6.227 -12.3136 4.193 2.5437 -5.4424 10.8457 9.0074 1.3934 -10.3867 2.3538 -5.4704 -14.3015 -2.2366 18.0928 15.861

4.33% -5.62% 9.31% 4.25% 21.35% 18.72% -15.38% -7.44% 18.94% 6.72% 3.95% 0.16% -6.56% -8.35% 5.05% 1.77% 7.83% -6.85% -3.78% -0.06% 1.56% 9.25% 8.82% -2.61% -12.26% -6.73%…...

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...Stock Market Assignment The stock market plays an important role in businesses today. Becoming an investor proved how important it is to understand the stock market. This assignment gave me the opportunity to research and invest in different companies and to learn about the stock market. I also had the opportunity to watch the S&P 500, NYSE, and the NASDAQ, and reflect on market changes and challenges. When choosing stocks to invest in, I was looking to create a diverse portfolio by choosing a variety of industries, price ranges, well known companies and some that were new to me. I visited their websites, read mission statements, and reviewed past performance, learning as much as I could about each company before investing. I viewed the price graphs using ClearStation when looking for companies to invest in. I was looking for companies who have had a gradual but consistent increase in stock price over the past three to six months. I was not willing to invest in a company who had extreme jumps in price. Overall I invested almost $200,000 in twelve different companies. Coke, Hertz, Best Buy, Crocs, Toro, and Bud were all brands I invested in because they were well known to me. These companies or products have been around for years and have a long standing relationship with the consumers. I was able to use the website ClearStation to view past stock market performance before investing. One of the things I was looking for in the mission statement or website......

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