Examine the Arguements Against the Teleological Arguement

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Examine the arguments against the teleological argument for the existence of God? (30)
The design argument is also known as The teleological argument; it is an argument for the existence of God or for a higher more intelligent creator. The earliest version of the argument is associated with Socrates in ancient Greece.
One argument which disagrees with the teleological is an argument from the famous philosopher David Hume, who said that even though the universe shows features which imply there is design meaning there is a God, the world is also imperfect and full of suffering. This could suggest to us that there isn’t an all loving and omnibenevolent God, Hume also argued that there is no evidence that the universe needs a designer meaning that it could have just come about naturally, this would link back the teleological argument because in the teleological argument it states that the universe has order meaning that there must be a creator who provided this order, so Hume could suggest that order came about naturally without a God. Hume also stated that no one has any evidence to prove that the Universe is not just the result of pure chance or luck, this would go against the teleological argument because he is saying there was no God to design the world and it was a natural occurrence which wasn’t planned or designed. Hume argued for the early forms of the theory of natural selection, he said that animals can adapt to respond to their surrounding and that the large amounts of life on earth could just be the result of these adaptations, rather than an intelligent designer creating all of these creations perfectly.
Another philosopher called John Stewart Mill said that the world is full of evil and suffering, he said humans and animals are surrounded by this suffering on a day to day basis, and example of this could be natural disasters such as earthquakes and…...

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