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Examine the Nature of Personal Selling and the Role of the Sales Force.

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Personal selling is compensated individual communication that attempts to inform customers and encourage them to buy the products or services. It is the personal selling method that allows marketers the greatest liberty to adjust a message to satisfy customers' needs. Personal selling allows the seller to communicate directly with or to the customer and listen to his or her concerns, answer questions, provide more in depth information, persuade, and possibly even recommend other services or products. The personal selling process consists of the following steps: Prospect, Pre-approach, Approach, Make the Presentation, Overcome Objections, Finalize the Sale, and finally, Follow-up.
Prospecting, the first step in the personal selling process focuses on developing a list of possible customers. Pre-approach is when the salesperson attempts to get to know his or her customer well. They should know about the customers company, their specific needs and what brands they are currently using; the more they know about their customers, the easier it will be for the sales person to sell to them. Next is the approach, where the sales person uses customer referrals or leads, as they are usually most effective method, to make contact with the customer. After that is the presentation of the product. The sales person has to tell the potential customer the "product story" and highlight the benefits of the product (and at the same time work to overcome the objections). This is followed by closing or finalizing the sale and the customer is asked to purchase the product. Lastly, a good sales person follows up and makes sure that everything went well and the customer is satisfied.

Salespeople are a valuable connection between the company and its clients or customers. They generate customer value and company revenue by representing the company to customers, representing…...

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