Evolution of the Traditional Family

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Evolution of the Traditional Family

What is a normal family in the 21st century? Over the past 100 years, one of the many things that has been constantly changing is “family life.” This drastic change began in the 1920’s and 30’s and Aldous Huxley was able to successfully foreshadow this in his book Brave New World.
During the first half of the 20th century a model family consisted of a working father, stay at home mother, and many children. Since then birth rates have dropped, age of marriage has increased, and divorce rates have increased, leading to a different family standard and in most cases putting increased stress on the children. Although women have a certain amount of freedom in a traditional family they have more freedom in many of today’s families. One of these benefits includes another source of income, which can be essential in the modern economy.
One benefit of a traditional family is the ability to gain knowledge and learn skills from both parents. When living with both parents a child is able to obtain a much more due to the different skill sets and strengths of each parent. Often a father will be able to teach things that are hands-on such as woodworking, landscaping, or even sports. The mother can generally teach things that involve work inside the house. Both roles can also be reversed but when a family consists of both parents it is more likely to have a parent able to teach these lessons. If one of the parents is not present then the child may not be able to learn certain skills that are key in an individual’s success.
Another benefit to a traditional family is emotional support from two parents. If a child is having trouble with something one parent may be more open and compassionate when addressing a certain problem. A teen may be more comfortable with a parent of the same sex when talking things like adolescence and…...

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